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Cleaning up a Property for Sale from Top to Bottom: The Key to a Successful Photo Shoot

Real estate brokers know that the best way to sell a home is to publish photographs that show it at its best. But the thing is, your time is precious, and that of your client and your real estate photographer is too. Fortunately, there are several steps that can be taken prior to a shoot to increase your chances of getting beautiful pictures that will attract more potential buyers. Share these tips and tricks with your customers to ensure a quick and successful photo shoot! Clear the Facade and the Backyard The real estate photographer will need a perfectly clear view of the facade. Therefore, no car should be parked in front of the house. Obviously, recycling bins and garbage cans must be out of sight, as well as any other object that may distract the viewer or obstruct the ima

Online Advertising for Real Estate Brokers: Who Wins, Facebook Ads or Google AdWords?

Prints belong to the past: Today, the best way to sell a property is to advertise it on the internet. Dominated by giants Google and Facebook, advertising placement is the most effective way for a real estate broker to ensure the visibility of his or her homes for sale. But how does it work? In this article, you will find a brief description of the similarities and particularities of Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, which will help you better determine the best marketing solution for you. As a real estate broker or home builder, you may not have enough time to manage your advertising campaigns yourself. No problem: Urbanimmersive takes care of it with diligence and expertise. Click here to retain our advertising placement services! What Services Do Google Adwords and Fac

The Reasons Why Real Estate Brokers Shouldn't Use Internet Explorer Anymore

Developed by Microsoft and preinstalled on Windows computers, Internet Explorer has fallen into disuse since its arrival on the market years ago. Browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox are more popular than ever now. But why this sharp decline in popularity? Let’s see why you should consign Internet Explorer to oblivion too. Indeed, this browser could affect your efficiency as a real estate broker. Dangerous Security Flaws In 2015, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer would be discontinued for the benefit of its new browser, Microsoft Edge. But because Edge can only run on Windows 10 and Xbox One, Internet Explorer is still in effect on earlier Windows versions, but no longer updated. With no new security patches, Intern

Choosing a Real Estate Photographer: How to Increase the Value of a Property

It all starts on the internet: 92% of people planning to buy a house will go online first, out of simple curiosity. And this is when they start thinking numbers...  First impressions are directly related to the sale of a property because they may lead potential buyers further in their home-buying experience. In other words, the sale of a property is intimately linked to its photographs. But can good pictures increase the value of a listing? Choose your photographer wisely, because the answer is yes! How can a property's photos influence its value? The equation is quite simple to understand... A professional real estate photographer can highlight a property. What potential buyers need to see when they go online is what makes a property un

Here's the All New HDR Solution Exclusively for Professional Photographers

Here's Ui ProHDR, the HDR solution designed specifically and exclusively for professional real estate photographers. HDR and real estate: they go so well together! HDR photos (high dynamic range) are very popular in the field of real estate photography because they let you bring out all the light potential of an image thanks to the superposition of several exposures. The HDR does indeed completely outwit the effect of backlighting, a problem common in real estate photography, especially if a window (and the brightness it brings) is present in a room. HDR also gives photos a much-desired effect, that of bringing life to your photos , thanks to the increase in color contrast . It is for these reasons that HDR has over the years become a photographic approach especially popular in the real

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