Real Estate Storytelling

Empower Your Client's Home Description. Tell A Story.

Transform home for sale descriptions into powerful and profitable blog content.

Your clients are working hard to describe their listing in the most impactful way. Providing a single property websites and the listing in blog content format is the most effective way to increase the value of the written content of your clients and help them take advantage of the sharing potential and reach of storytelling on social media.

Urbanimmersive provides photographers a turn key content management solution (CMS) to begin offering blog content services and uncover new revenue streams.

Manage Blog Content

Our business solution provides your clients with a fully integrated content management system that facilitates blog content creation, edition and publication.

  • Easy to use feature sets for editing home description content
  • Easy insertion of visual real estate content between paragraphs
  • Manage revisions, approbations, publication, and many other collaboration tools
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On-Demand Help From Writers

Our CMS does an amazing job of providing specifically designed on-demand services to help photographers and/or agents produce real estate blog content.

Easy, one-click access to many services directly available from the CMS.

  • Proofreading
  • Full home description writing services
  • Rewriting
  • Translation
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Blog Integration In Our Single Property Web Site

Create additional impact for your clients with new and unique market offerings. Elevate their listings in a way that no competitors can.

During 2019, all Tourbuzz Premium single property websites will benefit from Urbanimmersive blog content management. All single property websites will also put for front storytelling section.

  • Blog content section integration
  • Articles open in the tour thus creating micro web site version
  • Fully automated
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WordPress widget or API for CMS integration within other sites

Provide your agents access to a complete and robust content management solution (CMS) that can be used within WordPress or any other web site.

  • WordPress Widget
  • Robust API (Application Programming Interface) for other websites platform
  • Take advantage of our tech integration team to provide your clients with a turn-key solution
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CMS Self-Service Client Portal

Once subscribed, the self-service portal will provide your clients with direct access to the content management solution. This is not only an easy way for your clients to effective content marketing materials, it is an additional revenue stream for your business. A commission is paid to you each time your clients purchase written content or advertising services from the white labeled self-service portal. Enhance your presence and product offering while increasing the bottom line.

From the white-labeled, self-service portal your client can

  • Add, edit, and manage blog content
  • Order on-demand writing services
  • Buy advertising on Facebook and Google to boost their tours, blogs, and additional content marketing
  • Buy exclusive and editable pre-written real estate based content via the marketplace library

Stand Out With 3D Storytelling Content

The most cost-effective immersive visual content on the market

3D Storytelling are blog articles integrating Urbanimmersive immersive slideshow technology. They offer the full benefits of both written blog content and high-quality, immersive and interactive visual content. Through this unique experience, photographers replace still pictures with immersive slideshows to create a new way to connect a property with buyers with the visual content. Immersive slideshow are inserted between each paragraph, swaping the screen or using navigation arrows, viewers get to decide which picture they want to see next.

When combined, professional writing and 3D immersive slideshows offer a totally different way to showcase each and every listing. 3D articles have been proven to increase the viewers time spent on listings, improve organic results, increase user engagement, and convey more impactful visual information.

On top of providing an increased per article viewing time, immersive slideshows represent a good trade-off for agents who do not feel like a traditional 3D environment is necessary. Producing these assets is easy, extremely cost-effective, does not require special equipment or post-production time, and has no hosting fee.

Immersive slideshows are not real traditional 3D environments produced with specialized equipment, however, they emulate the experience at a fraction of the cost. With smooth transitions and unique technology, we are able to give the impression of a 3D tour with 2D images.

  • No special equipment other than a traditional DSLR needed to produce visual assets
  • Most cost-effective immersive visual content on the market
  • Cost per pan post-production fee. No hosting fee.
  • Emoji avatar further enhances the visitor experience and creates buzz

Now, let' talk about other cool stuff just for real estate professional photographers...

With everything in one place, your clients will receive an unparalleled customer experience. By giving agents the option to manage their own processes, we can drastically reduce the amount of care that your customers will need. Again, we are constantly striving to put more hours to profit in to your busy work day.

Take the time to learn more about our other solutions specifically designed for real estate photographers.