Stand Out With 3D Storytelling Content

The most cost-effective immersive visual content on the market

3D Storytelling are blog articles integrating Urbanimmersive immersive slideshow technology. They offer the full benefits of both written blog content and high-quality, immersive and interactive visual content. Through this unique experience, photographers replace still pictures with immersive slideshows to create a new way to connect a property with buyers with the visual content. Immersive slideshow are inserted between each paragraph, swaping the screen or using navigation arrows, viewers get to decide which picture they want to see next.

When combined, professional writing and 3D immersive slideshows offer a totally different way to showcase each and every listing. 3D articles have been proven to increase the viewers time spent on listings, improve organic results, increase user engagement, and convey more impactful visual information.

On top of providing an increased per article viewing time, immersive slideshows represent a good trade-off for agents who do not feel like a traditional 3D environment is necessary. Producing these assets is easy, extremely cost-effective, does not require special equipment or post-production time, and has no hosting fee.