Asset Management

You want to perform maintenance of your assets remotely?

Take advantage of our Immersive 3D Tours for the management of your assets.

Maintenance of the Building

An immersive 3D tour can become a useful tool for remote maintenance of a building. If the establishment has plans to renovate its premises or wants to prepare for maintenance work, it is easy to do so remotely by having meetings in the 3D environment. You can invite subcontractors and other concerned employees in the 3D tour in order to demonstrate the scale of the renovations. It is also useful when the space is limited or difficult to access. Our immersive 3D tours also include a floor plan and a floor plan measurement tool that can be used to calculate the estimated cost of the renovations.

Add information with UiTags

UiTags are the most powerful 3D hot spot editor in the industry. UiTags can be used to save important information directly in the 3D tour.

With UiTags, you can add Tooltips information about anything in the 3D environment. For example, you can add equipment operating information, maintenance dates or even information about ducts passing through a wall.

UiTags also allows you to integrate web pages allowing you to consult data in real time.

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Built-in Floor Plan Editor

Floor plans are created directly from your immersive 3D tour. Once created, you can decide if you want to edit and add elements with all the choices that are available to you in our Floor Plan Editor. You can add or remove furniture, stairs, appliances, text, and walls. It is fully customizable the way you want it.

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Interacting in the Immersive 3D Tour

Using cutting-edge 3D and video conference technologies, UiMeet3D enables colleagues and subcontractors to have a meeting in the 3D tour and walk through the premises together. You can therefore go on-site with subcontractors and colleagues, without having to travel to the site.

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Interactive Mini-Map

In the immersive 3D tour, there will be an embedded interactive floor plan. This mini-map allows people in the 3D tour to see where all others are located in real-time.

The mini-map can be very useful when visiting large environments with several people. This allows you to make sure that everyone follows the meeting.

Promote your Business

Immersive 3D tours can be great promotional tools for businesses. Immersive 3D tours allow clients to visit the premises as if they were on-site. This gives them a better view of the environment than still images. An immersive 3D tour allows clients to familiarize themselves with the environment. With UiMeet3D, you can also conduct client meetings in the 3D tour if you want them to have an immersive experience.