Content Manager

Professional Real Estate Content Management

Experience the powerful impact of compelling marketing content

Real estate blogs are an increasingly impactful way to market properties. Professionally written descriptions not only increase your brand awareness but combine with visual assets to truly bring every listing to life.

Urbanimmersive provides you with a complete blog content management solution (CMS) tailored for the production, publication, and syndication of original content.

Manage Blog Content

No matter the size of your real estate blog, the specialized features of our blog content management solution will meet your needs

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Trackable Workflow

Our CMS helps to facilitate editorial collaboration and can simplify your content production workflows.

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Publication Scheduler

Plan, produce and publish content using our editorial calendars and workflows.

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Professional Writing Services

On top of providing specifically designed features to manage RE blog content, our CMS provides on-demand services from professional writers, proofreaders, and translators.

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Exclusive Content

Choose from a variety of articles on trends, decoration, architecture, construction, tips, unique subjects, and MORE. Ready to be published and editable

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Create Engagement

Quiz and questionnaire-based articles increase time spent on site while further engaging visitors. Additionally, these features allow you to gather information about buyers and habits.

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Content Syndication

Let members of your organization automatically syndicate blog content on their personal web sites and single property sites, thus increasing your natural inbound traffic.

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Blog Integration

Our API is used by several industry leaders' websites and portals. Investing in the integration of our Content Management System API is a wise investment.

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