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Showcase your future projects online with 3D immersive emulator technology. Ask your 3D artist about AVU3D.

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Urbanimmersive develops and commercializes immersive and interactive technologies that we make available to all our visual content providers.

AVU3D is an immersive emulation technology that enables you to showcase your future projects online in 3D at a very affordable cost. Your customers will enjoy navigating through virtual environments just as they would by being physically on location. Swiping the screen on a mobile version or using the direction arrows on a computer will let your customers move forward, backward and turn to the left or right.

The 3D emulator has the advantage of being a very affordable, proven technology.

The immersive experience AVU3D allows you to stand out from the competition while meeting consumers wanting more interactivity.

Ask your 3D artist for Urbanimmersive AVU3D immersive technology.

Use the arrow keys to navigate the immersive virtual tour or slide your finger over the image to move.

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