Immersive Slideshow

The different way of creating still picture slideshows.

It's not a 3D virtual tour,

It's not a 360˚panoramic,

It's not a traditional still pictures slideshow,

It's an immersive slideshow!

If you feel that a 3D virtual tour is not what your client is ready to pay for, or that a 360 cylindrical view is too limited in terms of experience, you might want to offer something in between; an immersive slideshow!

Immersive slideshows are not traditional 3D environments produced with specialized 3D camera; they emulate the experience at a fraction of the cost using professional DSLR camera. With smooth transitions and unique technology, we can give the impression of a 3D tour using high-quality 2D images shot with the eye of a professional.

New Version Soon

Check out our new Immersive Slideshows version to be released soon with 3D Pocket Website. Smoother rotations and transitions between still pictures. 360 view now made of 12 positions instead of 24. Tourbuzz property websites power with 3D emulation at its best!

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Perfect Integration

When added to our property website, our immersive slideshows offers a different way to showcase every listing. Immersive slideshows have been proven to increase the viewers time spent on listings increase user engagement, and convey more impactful visual information.

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Increase Social Engagement

Immersive slideshow avatars enable viewers to see other visitors in the same room, thus increasing user engagement. Visitors choose their moods by selecting a 3D avatar emoji of their choice.

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Enrich 3D Pocket WebsiteTM With 3D Tags

We made it easy to embed almost anything in your immersive slideshows such as text descriptions, websites, video, audio, photos, animated images and more.

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Automated Post-Production

No need to use multiple post-production software to create immersive slideshows. Our fully integrated solution will stitch your images, merge exposures (HDR) and use image recognition technology to position each panoramic (blue circles) within the environment.

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Immersive slideshows Differents Integration Methods

In our over ten-year experience with immersive media we have seen that only a small fraction of web viewers visit each and every room in a full 3D virtual tour. It just takes too long, and people's attention spans are short. Creating an immersive slideshow of the 2 or 3 main rooms will provide the best returns for your shoot time, viewer experience, and your clients' money. Because of the simplicity and low costs, some photographers are using our immersive slideshow technology to create complete home tours, while most of them are shooting 3 or 4 panoramic views of 2 or 3 rooms.

Immersive Slideshows can be inserted in our single property web sites using different options. Below are some examples of different configuration.

With navigation arrows displayed when moving.
Arrows are hidden by default on mobile

Without navigation arrows. Shown like a real still picture! To start navigating, just click the image.

Enabling the full screen option
Not available on mobile

Without avatars

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