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Since our inception in 2007, Urbanimmersive has always been recognized for innovation and persistent efforts to create new products and services. Our development team is passionate about technology for the real estate industry. On top of our impressive intellectual property portfolio, we are continually investing in emerging technologies.

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Image Recognition Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

In the real estate industry, each picture of a home for sale is a marketing asset. Being correctly tagged and identified increases the value and therefore enables listings to be found more easily in search engines as well as provides greater visual content data, navigation, and enhances the user experience. 

Urbanimmersive's Artificial Intelligence machine learning allows photographs to be instantly tagged with the appropriate real estate category, such as “kitchen” or “living room”.

Our application is catering to the specific needs of those looking to improve their real estate marketing by specifically identifying the proper tag for each room.

Our Vision Of Our Real Estate Machine Learning

The R&D road map with this new machine learning application contains plans to enable it to describe images using long-tail phrases and eventually, full blog posts about a property for sale only using visual content and basic home description. For example, machine learning could identify a picture as a kitchen and then describe it like this: “This house offers a beautiful, classic kitchen with granite countertops and hardwood floors throughout. Multiple windows provide an abundance of natural light." This would dramatically reduce the cost of creating original marketing content about a home for sale by an agent, photographers, and Multiple Listing Services (“MLS”).

Try Our A.I. Machine Learning

You can test our image naming tool right here! Just upload an image or enter the URL and see our AI create a tag. You will also be given a score that shows other name options for further customization. Within our business solution, the machine learning gets more accurate each time photographers enhance the name of an image. With more than 6M images processed per year from more than 1500 content providers, our tools will continue to benefit from user interaction and progressive enhancement.

Note: Our AI only works with real estate imagery!

Click here and try our image identification AI

Immersive Slideshow Using Creation Computer Image Recognition System

Our 3D Emulator, AVU3D

AVU3D is our image-based 3D environment emulator automatically generated from 2D images using propriety. 2D images may be either photographs or computer-generated rendered views. A multitude of 2D images covering 360° views from a plurality of positions within the environment is organized by our AVU3D algorithm that uses image recognition grouped into subsets to create panoramas. Each panorama can represent a 360° view from a given vantage point in the environment. The 2D images are entered into Urbanimmersive's post-production software in which they are automatically geo-coded and organized to camera angles and inclination, to allow them to be identified properly with respect to a 3D environment. The geo-referenced images created by AVU3D can cover a 360° view, therefore allowing users to rotate left or right around an axis and see the various views available from a given point. AVU3D Immersive Viewer enables users to move forward, backward, left, right, up, down, spin left, and spin right or to make two simultaneous movements.

The video below shows Urbanimmersive's algorithm in real-time on a PC. The algorithm works by identifying matching images. The right corner of the screen shows the construction of a path made of blue dots that represent panoramic views. These blue dots can be seen inside an immersive slideshow. Our algorithm uses GPU to process all matches. The algorithm analyses each image and compares them in order to create the panorama.

AVU3D can also automate the creation of interactive Stop Motion Images. The photographic stop motion can be used to emulate a door opening, climbing stairs, or simply moving forward.

When utilized solely as an immersive slideshow, AVU3D technology has the following features which combine to provide a strong competitive position relative to full 3D competing technologies:

  1. Relatively low cost and quick production
  2. High-resolution images
  3. Rapid navigation time
  4. Compatible with 3D software standards and Geographical Information System (GIS)

Ideal For Blog Content

Immersive slideshows are ideal for real estate blog content articles about properties or businesses because they can be inserted between two paragraphs just like regular high-quality still pictures, but without affecting the loading time of the page like the example above.

Click here to try our 3D emulator!

3D Emulator (AVU3D)

Photographer Licence

We are licensing AVU3D technology and post-production software to all photographers who have subscribed to our visual content CRM and who wish to offer 3D emulated immersive slideshows.

AVU3D Editor Studio Licence

AVU3D BIM Studio is a Windows-based software program to edit AVU3D environment content and Graphical User Interface ("GUI"). This software allows the adding and editing of 2D/3D elements such as images, hotspots, sounds, actions, click zones and menus, and dialogue and content boxes. The software is targeting building asset managers who want to create and customize their AVU3D immersive environments. We also license the software for other applications including engineering, off-site inspections, architectural design validation, security 3D immersive maps, and gaming. The cost of the license represents a percentage of the value of the total project sale provided by our channel partners and is charged annually.

AVU3D API License

AVU3D API is a set containing documentation, computer commands, and software libraries allowing third-party providers to interact with, and integrate, AVU3D directly from, and/or in, their computer systems. AVU3D API provides the necessary tools to develop all functionalities found in AVU3D Studio. For example, this license could enable customized database connectivity and graphical user interfaces. This approach provides us with the opportunity to generate service revenue from the development and licensing of new features specifically addressed to customer needs. AVU3D API is licensed to channel partners only.


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