Core Business

Our mission

To ease the processes of producing and publishing real estate marketing content by creating better collaboration between all participants.

Content marketing is necessary to promote real estate assets. By definition, real estate marketing content is generally formed by three elements which are: visual content, written content, and publishing. Visual content is most often still pictures used to showcase a property. Real estate visual content can also take the form of videos, 3D immersive tours, and any other interactive visual format aimed at attracting and engaging the user. Written content ranges from a short textual description of the property to full-length blog articles discussing features, neighborhood information, and the agent brand. Publishing is essentially the process of distributing the content on different media platforms, such as a real estate web site, in order to market the asset and create awareness for prospective consumers.

We have created a real estate content marketing platform and a suite of technological tools integrated within - including a Content Management System (CMS), a Visual Content Providers Marketplace, a CRM for real estate photographers, and a Written Content Management system - and are designed to increase clients productivity through better collaboration between real estate marketing content buyers, content providers, and publishers.

The Urbanimmersive platform is accessible via our website and is designed to operate on mobile devices. Within the platform, specific tools and functionalities are made available to real estate professionals including (but not limited to): owners of real estate brokerage firms, residential and commercial real estate agents, home builders, real estate promoters, and architects. Some other tools and functionalities are specifically made available to photographers, photographic agencies, video producers, virtual tour producers, aerial photographers, and 3D designers which hereafter represent visual content providers. Some other tools and functionalities are specifically made available to freelance writers, professional editors, and translators which hereafter represent written content providers.

Our goal.

To become the largest real estate marketing content community in the world.


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