Create A Custom Directory Of Photographers
Branded to Your Organization

Take advantage of our visual content management solution and the largest network of independent real estate photographers to create your white labeled photographer directory.

We offer Multiple Listing System (MLS) and brokers a turn key solution to build and easily operate a transactional photographers directory. Increase productivity, branding compliance guidelines, and member satisfaction with this easy to use tool.

Consistently add value and benefit from accessing the largest network of independent photographers in North America.

Offer your members new and impactful productivity tools

Take advantage of a custom visual content directory for your organization. Provide your members with new ways to increase their productivity, professionalism, and overall satisfaction.

  • Allow members to find, book, and pay approved visual content providers online
  • Photographer's availability calendar continuously synced with the booking system for better productivity
  • Automatic upload to your servers (portal)
  • Single Sign On (SSO) supported
  • Custom URL
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Custom requirements and registration processes for photographers

Choose providers to enable depending on your specified requirements.

  • Choose providers according to your guidelines
  • Optionally set professional insurance registration process
  • Optionally set criminal records registration process
  • Optionally set portfolio and references validation registration process
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Copyright agreement requirement

The platform provides photographers with the opportunity to set their copyright terms in order to then be managed automatically. In addition, take advantage of a robust copyright management system enabling you to create and manage agreed upon content copyrights.

  • Manage all visual content licences provided by photographers
  • Define copyrights terms to be accepted by content providers
  • Keep track of acceptance
  • Automatically notify new terms to your network
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FREE AI Image Naming Automation

Take advatage of our time-saving, fully integrated AI image naming automation to automatically tag images uploaded in your system. Within our business solution, the machine learning gets more accurate each time photographers enhance the name of an image. With more than 6M images processed per year from more than 1500 content providers, our tools will be continually optimized with user engagement and progressive enhancement.

  • Increase data precision with automated identification
  • Improve the searchability of each image
  • Provide new search possibilities on your real estate portal
  • Optionally add OCR detection for unbranded compliance requirements
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Take advantage of additional features and services. Add value.

Each feature is provided via a transactional fee that can be worked into your specific member pricing model. These enhanced offerings can be made automatically available to your entire custom directory, for a specific group in your organization, or a specific period of time

  • Professional home description proofreading, translation, or writing services
  • Enahanced blog content
  • Single property site
  • Slideshow video
  • 1-click advertising on Facebook and/or google
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