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Turn Beautiful Photos Into A Beautiful Business

Real estate photography is a volume business with high customer service expectations. Maximizing profits means minimizing the time required to manage every job while delivering stellar customer experience. Our end-to-end platform is what you need to get the job done fast.

The Urbanimmersive platform not only gives you a turnkey solution to level up your business management but also offers additional revenue streams and opportunities for you and your clients. Whether it's becoming a part of our unique marketplace, providing a CMS system to your customers, or one-click advertising, we have something that will pique your interest and simplify your process.

The Most Complete Business Solution For Real Estate Photographers

Whether you're a one-person shop or have a growing staff of shooters, our platform handles every aspect of running a professional real estate photography business.

Turn your calendar into a secret weapon.

Quickly process all unscheduled jobs using our specialized scheduling page and you'll keep your incoming orders organized like a pro. Take control and allow us to put more profitable hours back in to your day.

  • Manage scheduled shoots within customized timeframes
  • System integration automatically syncs orders and reserves time on your calendar
  • Create an unlimited amount of customized job statuses tailored to suit your unique needs
  • See customer and job notes at a glance
  • Customize the format that works best for your unique workflow
  • Create zones of availability in order to streamline service times
  • Platform keeps customers and contractors in the loop by generating automatic notification emails when adjustments are made
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Automatically manage service areas and travel expenses

Interactive maps allow you to proactively manage service areas and travel expenses to increase profits on every job.

  • Easy create unlimited zones of services in order to streamline travel times
  • Assign travel expenses on specific zones
  • Let your client see your services zones and availability in real time
  • Track all time on site in order to ensure maximum efficiency and time management
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Quote Management

Professional quote creation and management to help land even the biggest of contracts. Take the first step in professionally and efficiently managing jobs from start to finish with our cutting edge quote and shoot management system.

  • View, sort, and manage active and archived quotes
  • Create and deliver comprehensive quotes for jobs of all sizes
  • Manage client, contact, and company information in an easy to use and searchable format
  • One-click invoice creation turns a goal in to a reality and helps to get you paid quickly and efficiently
  • Manage multiple contacts and adjust specifications to properly communicate with any size company on any size project
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Products & Services Directory

  • Create a customized product and services directory to increase the speed and efficiency of the job creation process
  • Customize program options in order to reflect your entire catalog of products and services
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Orders and Management

Our integrated ordering system eliminates data entry for you and offers streamlined order entry for your customers. Flexible forms and a searchable system allow you to customize packages, offer a la carte upgrades, and even support multiple pricing structures. Take control.

  • Easy view and sort orders
  • Manage orders and customer information in one convenient location
  • Sort by customer or project to further facilitate the increased efficiency of your process
  • Easy to access order status allows every job to be tracked and monitored
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Selection For Editing

Optionally allow clients to select final shots before editing and save time by editing only pictures chosen by the agent.

  • Be notified once your clients have made their choice
  • Track all selection and delivery steps from the order
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Client Delivery Portal

Multiple size and format options for images means less time spent editing and delivering multiple images to clients.

  • Easy to understand home page for delivering media on every property
  • Client self-service options equal less follow up work and more profitable hours put back in to your day
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Invoicing Made Easy

The job is done, and now you need to get paid. Urbanimmersive makes invoicing and collecting payment an enjoyable experience. Really. Our state of the art system allows you to quickly invoice, collect payment, and monitor the status of your receivables.

  • Order and invoice portals provide quick access to frequently used features
  • Manage active, paid, and archived invoices for all customers
  • Use the dashboard to monitor the payment status and order details for all clients and accounts
  • One-click access to order details and client information available in one easy to use, centralized location
  • Provide extra attention and effortlessly manage deposits for large and complex projects
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Account Receivable

For customers that need monthly batch invoices, we provide you with a state-of-the-art credit line system to dutifully track every shoot and automatically send monthly billing statements.

  • Set credit limits per client, or per team
  • Automatically send monthly billing statements
  • Automatically send collection reminders
  • Provide customers with interactive credit line dashboard
  • Allow customers to make partial payments or settle full statements
  • Set custom interest rates on payment balances
  • Get credit line payment status notification alerts when receiving new jobs
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Automate Recurring Invoices

Ideal for Matterport Visual Content providers that need to charge immersive tours hosting fees. Continue to cut down on processing and admin time while automatically billing for recurring services. Create consistency in invoicing accuracy and frequency with little additional day-to-day time or effort

  • Create standardized recurring package based options
  • Automated notifications sent to clients before processing payments
  • Keep track of all events on recurring billing processes
  • Get alerts on payment problems such as unvalid credit cards
  • Optionally apply recuring invoices on your clients credit line in order to aggregate all invoices on one monthly statement.
  • Robust tax management system with manual customization, addition, and tax zone designation options
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Copyright Management - COMING SOON!

Because your art is your livelihood. Let us help you protect it. You set the terms, we help you enforce them. Our platform allows you to communicate to customers the worth of your work in a way that none other has before.

  • Configurable terms for digital photos and prints
  • Define preset premiums for dynamic copyright changes
  • Adjust copyright terms per job
  • Copyright and ordering system are integrated to allow customers to select terms when placing orders online
  • Provide customers with definitive and clear agreements in order to protect the future usage of your images
  • Automatically include terms on quotes and invoices
  • Urbanimmersive can share digital copyright files with web partners directly from the system
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Bring Your Visual Content Business Online

Not only will you be able to showcase your services to new professionals, receive orders, but also promote your business thanks to our fully integrated and growing interactive photographer directory.

Online Ordering System

With everything in one place, your clients will receive an unparalleled customer experience. In addition, the online ordering system creates an even more enjoyable workflow for photographers. Again, we are constantly striving to put more hours to profit back into your busy workday.

Here's what our online ordering system provides you:

  • Automated scheduling and reminders
  • Automated invoicing system enabling you to quickly invoice, collect a payment, and monitor the status of your receivables
  • Integrated online payment system
  • Calendar integration that will sync your appointments with your Gmail appointments
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Urbanimmersive = cool stuff just for professional real estate photographers!

Urbanimmersive is much more than an enterprise management solution for your visual content business, it's also access to the widest range of value-added products and services in the industry. Our tools are perfectly designed with your passion for our industry in mind.

Take the time to learn more about our other solutions specifically designed for RE photographers.

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