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For Real Estate Photographers
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Whether you're a one-person shop or have a growing staff of shooters, our platform handles every aspect of running a professional real estate photography business.

Our Business Solution is offered to all real estate photographers free to use . You only pay if you purchase our property websites or use our media delivery system. Every new photographer joining our Business Solution will receive 14 days risk free trial including unlimited single property websites creation and media delivery.

Turn your calendar into a secret weapon.

Quickly process all unscheduled jobs using our specialized scheduling page and you'll keep your incoming orders organized like a pro.

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Sync your Google Calendar

Photoshoots will instantly show up in Google Calendar. Updates to Google calendar(s) will be reflected as well in Urbanimmersive calendar.

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Automatically manage service areas and travel expenses

Interactive maps allow you to proactively manage service areas and travel expenses to increase profits on every job.

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Customizable Order Form

Customize your online ordering form to showcase your A-La-Carte services and packages.

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Quote Management

Professional quote creation and management to help land even the biggest of contracts. Take the first step in professionally and efficiently managing jobs from start to finish with our cutting edge quote and shoot management system.

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Products And Services Directory

Create a customized product and services directory to increase the speed and efficiency of the job creation process

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Orders and Management

Our integrated ordering system eliminates data entry for you and offers streamlined order entry for your customers. Flexible forms allow you to customize packages and support multiple pricing structures.

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Sync Emails

Centralize communications. Emails from clients will instantly show up in the linked order form. Order form comments will be send to clients as well.

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Selection For Editing

Optionally allow clients to select final shots before editing and save time by editing only pictures chosen by the agent. Be notified once your clients have made their choice and track all selection and delivery steps from the order.

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Client Delivery Portal

Multiple size and format options for images delivery means less time spent editing and delivering multiple images to clients. Client self-service options equal less follow up work and more profitable hours put back in to your day.

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Invoicing Made Easy

The job is done, and now you need to get paid. Urbanimmersive makes invoicing and collecting payment an enjoyable experience.

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Payment Processing

Urbanimmersive's payment system integrates perfectly with our single property website and media delivery. Clients can easily select payment options you are offering them.

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Stripe Integration

Use your own personal Strip account so that payments are directly going to your bank account. Outside standard Strip credit card processing fees, Urbanimmersive does not take any fess on payment processing.

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Account Receivable

For customers that need monthly batch invoices, we provide you with a state-of-the-art credit line system to dutifully track every shoot and automatically send monthly billing statements.

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Automate Recurring Invoices

Continue to cut down on processing and admin time while automatically billing for recurring services. Create consistency in invoicing accuracy and frequency with little additional day-to-day time or effort

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Email Template System

Our customizable email templates are branded to your business and provide you with all communication notifications needed to automate your processes.

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Copyright Management - COMING SOON!

Because your art is your livelihood. Let us help you protect it. Our platform allows you to communicate to customers the worth of your work in a way that none other has before.

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