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Our business solution for real estate photographers provides powerful collaboration features enabling photographers to take advantage of a our new service: expertly trained virtual assistants.

Our assistants have remote access to your business solution calendar, invoices, and order forms, so they can take the work load off your shoulders. It's like having someone at your office working for you when you are out shooting listings, and with our white-labeled virtual assistant service, it gives your customers the impression that you have your own internal workforce.

Increase your productivity, remove the stress of missing calls while on the road, and get a better work-life balance by working with our virtual assistants.

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NOTE: Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Photographers is a new service offered by the Urbanimmersive Support Group. The service will initially be offered to a limited group of real estate photographers ready to try the service and provide feedback to its improvement. Depending on the success of this service with photographers, the service will be maintained or removed from our service offer. It is also possible the pricing change up or down depending of its return. There is no contract to try it.

  • Real Estate Photographer
    Virtual Assistance*
  • Monday to Friday Support
  • 9am to 5pm EST Daily
  • Totally white-labeled to your business branding
  • Dedicated phone line that we'll answer
  • Complete incoming call order forms
  • Can book photoshoots with knowledge of your availability and service zones
  • Reply to shoot orders submitted via SMS
  • Can handle incoming calls for rescheduling shoots
  • Support your clients using Urbanimmersive's single property site, delivery pages and videos
  • Daily activity dashboard
  • Calls recorded for quality control
  • Follow up on photo-edited next day deliveries*
  • Cost
    + 6.5%
    One time initial set up fee: $299
    Only available for photographers using Urbanimmersive Business Solution
    % cost per invoice reviewed after 6 months of consecutive usage and price adjusted dependent on clients level of support needs.
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