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Urbanimmersive is The Fastest Growing Real Estate Content Marketing Platform In The Industry


Urbanimmersive is a cloud-based real estate content marketing marketplace and business management system.


Our platform eases the process of creating, managing, and publishing real estate marketing content.
Real estate marketing content is defined as visual and written content.

Visual Content: Still pictures, video, virtual tour, aerial photography, 3D immersive tour, floorplan;
Written content: Property descriptions, original blog content, and pre-written long form library of articles.


Real estate photographers and visual content providers, residential & commercial real estate agents, home builders, and rental property managers


Urbanimmersive is the first and most complete content marketing platform where photographers work in teams with professional writers to deliver first in class property presentations.


Urbanimmersive offers most of the features of its platform via a freemium cloud SaaS (Software As A Service) model.

Premium platform features are charged for on a per-usage basis.
Some of the services offered by the platform are resold by Urbanimmersive and a commission is taken on the face value transaction.


Urbanimmersive is reaching clients with value added resellers (VAR).

Photographers are buying most of the services offered by Urbanimmersive's content marketing platform to create deliverable assets for their clients. Therefore, the real estate photographers using UI’s CRM are Urbanimmersive's value added resellers (VAR). This distribution channel offers many advantages
- Lifetime value
- Deeper market reach
- Multiple small VARs


Urbanimmersive is continuously working on 2 primary objectives

- Increasing the number of Value Added Resellers (photographers) on its platform
- Testing and adding new services that can easily be resold by the VAR network

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