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Promote your Properties

Each property is different. In order to highlight a property, an Immersive 3D tour can be a great promotional tool. Immersive 3D tours allow potential clients to visit the property premises and confirm their interest before coming to visit in person. Clients who make an appointment to visit the house will thus be clients with a confirmed interest. This will allow real estate agents to make visits only with customers who are genuinely interested.

Interacting in the Immersive 3D Tour

Using cutting-edge 3D and video conference technologies, UiMeet3D enables people to walk through a house and visually interact with other visitors from the convenience of their phones and PCs.

Real estate agents can recreate a virtual open house, see visitors virtually walk from room to room, and decide to engage with visitors showing real signs of interest, exactly like they would do in real life. Since UiMeet3D offers direct contact between both parties, our technology makes it easier for agents to close the deal.

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Interactive Mini-Map

In the immersive 3D tour, there will be an embedded interactive floor plan. This mini-map allows agents to see where all visitors are located in the 3D environment in real-time. Once their camera is enabled, the video feed of the visitor will replace his avatar in the mini-map.

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Add information with UiTags

UiTags are the most powerful 3D hot spot editor in the industry. UiTags can be used to share relevant information with clients. You can share the year of the renovations, add a description of the finishing materials or embed a promotional video of the property.

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Built-in Floor Plan Editor

Floor plans are created directly from your immersive 3D tour. Once created, you can decide if you want to edit and add elements with all the choices that are available to you in our Floor Plan Editor. You can add or remove furniture, stairs, appliances, text, and walls. It is fully customizable according to the property’s layout.

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Interesting Facts About Floor Plan

1 out of 5

20% of buyers will not even look at a property that did not have a floor plan, and these users ranked floor plans as more important than the listing photos and property info.


Floor plans were ranked as one of the most important feature terms of buyer requests, ranking higher than virtual tours.

Very Useful

Over 80% of buyers view floor plans as VERY useful as part of their research for a property.

Increase Click

Adding a floor plan to a real estate listing can increase click-throughs from buyers by 52%

Source:NAR(National Association of Realtors) and Rightmove study