Safety & Security

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You will now be able to secure your environment with more flexibility by using our Immersive 3D Tours

Law Enforcement


Forensic photography is a fundamental part of any crime scene investigation. Long after a crime scene or accident scene has been restored, the images produced by forensic identification technicians will continue to provide a faithful reconstruction of the scene. These images are not only important tools in an investigation, but they also preserve and document evidence for use in possible trials.

Immersive 3D tours can be a complementary tool to forensic photography. Instead of relying solely on still images to reproduce a crime scene, forensic identification technicians also use 3D technologies to have a more realistic reproduction of the crime scene. Investigators can thus walk around the environment of the scene without it being altered by time.


Emergency Response Team (ERT) are faced with situations where they must make tactical movements, assaults on buildings, forced entries, tactical raids on buildings, ERTs must have all the tools in hand to succeed in this type of intervention.

During ERTs interventions, the use of immersive 3D tours makes it possible to lead groups by having a global and immersive vision of the intervention sites. Limiting errors in directions and movements during the intervention contributes to its success.

Fire Department


Firefighters take care of fire safety and provide prevention resources to the citizens of their city. Instead of performing fire safety education presentations with still images, it can be more immersive to use 3D tours. In order to add an interactive side to the presentation, it may also be interesting to use UiMeet3D, allowing several visitors to interact together in the 3D environment.


The floor plans included in the immersive 3D tour can be used by fire safety departments to determine the best emergency exit routes. For large environments, fire departments may also find it practical to have an immersive 3D tour of the place to get an accurate visualization of the premises before an intervention.

First Responders


First responders typically include law enforcement officers, paramedics, EMT's and firefighters. They are people with specialized training who are among the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency. Since they are the first to arrive on the scene, it is essential that they have all the necessary resources at their disposal. A 3D tour gives a global and immersive vision of the intervention sites. If a building was damaged in the incident, a 3D tour will allow the first responders to see the extent of the damages.

Safe & Useful


With UiMeet3D video conferencing technology integrated into immersive 3D tours, training professionals can go into 3D environments with their students or colleagues to make the training session more complete and concrete.

Immersive 3D tours allow students to perform classroom simulations that are realistic and immersive. This will allow colleges to offer more simulation to their students with this faster and less expensive solution.


Our immersive 3D tours with UiMeet3D allow conferences to be held remotely while being fully immersive and interactive. The participants of the event can thus meet in a 3D environment and attend conferences given live by its guests.

On the other hand, when the conferences take place in real life, an immersive 3D tour can be used by the speakers for visual content or simulation support.

Protected and Secured Information

At Urbanimmersive, we understand the importance of private and secure information. Therefore, you can buy a Standalone License that will allow your organization to exchange information offline and the ability to create your own immersive 3D tours and 2D floor plans easily. Whether for a server or workstation application, we are here to accommodate your business.

100% Offline

You are in control of your own organization. No data is shared on any cloud. The data is stored on a local station. No need for a permanent network, nor internet connection.