Single Property Website

Single Property Website

Homes have character, so should the visual experience.

The modern buyer needs more than stimulating images to make a connection and show interest in a home. Other factors such as school districts, businesses within walking distance, and neighborhood information are examples of how integration between data and beautiful imagery can deliver value. Our single property designs seamlessly blend these needs together in an easy to consume, interactive experience.


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The Most Versatile Listing Presentation Platform

From simple still photo shoots to the most demanding jobs, our visual experience platform handles it all. Each of our unique designs showcases your work in stunning HD while supporting multiple types of enhanced media. Your customers will be blown away by the top of class look, feel, and functionality.

We are offering 2 real estate single property website options to perfectly fit your business objectives and budget.

  • Basic Property Website*
  • no hosting fee
  • branded & unbranded versions
  • responsive design
  • link to Google Map
  • lead gen form
  • video media integation
  • agents self-service dashboard
  • Cost


    per website
    Market fair value:9$
    Discount volume price provided
    Custom exclusive website starting at $800
    *Available within the Business Solution only
  • Premium Property Website*
  • no hosting fee
  • branded & unbranded versions
  • responsive designs
  • link to Google Map
  • agents self-service dashboard
  • fully customizable
  • save custom configuration per agents, team and brokers
  • multiple medias supported
  • totally white-labeled to your business
  • easy to manage custom domain name per tour, agents, etc..
  • viewers stats automation sent to your clients
  • third parties neighborhood scoring tools
  • large scope of browser versions supported
  • AI image naming
  • Cost


    per website
    Market fair value:39$
    Discount volume price provided
    Custom exclusive website starting at $5000
    *Tourbuzz premium platform
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Tourbuzz Premium Single Property Website
Customizable options for every job, no matter the size.

Our platform, your brand. Photography is a local business, and we built our platform to help you thrive by creating a look and message all your own. Display tours via your personal URL. No Tourbuzz branding. All branded tours (and IDX-compatible tours in supported MLS markets) prominently feature your branding, providing enhanced viral exposure to help you grow your business.

If you can shoot it, we can make it look amazing. Whether your customers want beautiful slideshows or a single property web experience, Urbanimmersive presents your imagery in a way that will set you apart from the competition.

Diverse Multimedia Support

We know how important media beyond still photography is to your growing business. Videos, 3D experiences, and interactive floorplans are powerful tools that allow you to bring a property to life. With best-in-class integrated hosting of a vast array of media types, our virtual tours seamlessly combine all of these formats into one cohesive experience.

  • Stunning HD photography presentation technology
  • HD Video with adaptive streaming
  • Perfect for drone imagery enhancement
  • Matterport and other 3D experience integration
  • Spherical and cylindrical panoramas
  • Interactive floorplans
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Limitless Customizations

Our newly developed HTML design engine offers unparalleled control over the look and feel of every single property experience. Whether you’ve got picky customers, want to stand out in your market, or need to match the visual to a customer's brand, we have you covered. Simply choose a design template and then adjust fonts, colors, logos, and more to quickly dial in a look that's truly one in a million.

  • Upload and incorporate branding for every customer
  • Customized color palettes
  • Robust font library
  • Set preferences for each client to enhance workflows and reduce production time
  • Unlimited number of customizations per customer
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Let our A.I. automatically tag and classify your property photos

In the real estate industry, every picture of home for sale is a huge marketing asset. Having images named and properly tagged increases their value by helping listings to be more easily found via search engines. Additionally, this tool provides greater visual content data, enhanced navigation, and facilitates the user experience.  Thanks to our machine learning A.I, the task of categorizing still pictures is fast, fun, and above all effective.

Urbanimmersive’s Artificial Intelligence application allows photographs to be instantly tagged with the appropriate real estate category, such as “kitchen” or “living room”. The machine learning application has already generated a tremendous amount of positive feedback from photographers that have tried the Beta version.

  • Automatically name images and speed up production times
  • Create more impactful and searchable client media assets
  • Deliver effective and enhanced marketing materials
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A.I. Machine Learning - Give It A Try!

You can test our image naming tool right here! Just upload an image or enter the URL and see our AI create a tag. You will also be given a score that shows other name options for further customization. Within our business solution, the machine learning gets more accurate each time photographers enhance the name of an image. With more than 6M images processed per year from more than 1500 content providers, our tools will continue to benefit from user interaction and progressive enhancement.

Note: Our AI only works with real estate imagery!

Click here and try our image identification AI

Urbanimmersive = cool stuff just for professional real estate photographers!

Urbanimmersive is much more than an enterprise management solution for your visual content business, it's also access to the widest range of value-added products and services in the industry. Our tools are perfectly designed with your passion for our industry in mind.

Take the time to learn more about our other solutions specifically designed for RE photographers.

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