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Here's the All New HDR Solution Exclusively for Professional Photographers

Here's Ui ProHDR, the HDR solution designed specifically and exclusively for professional real estate photographers.

HDR and real estate: they go so well together!

HDR photos (high dynamic range) are very popular in the field of real estate photography because they let you bring out all the light potential of an image thanks to the superposition of several exposures. The HDR does indeed completely outwit the effect of backlighting, a problem common in real estate photography, especially if a window (and the brightness it brings) is present in a room.

HDR also gives photos a much-desired effect, that of bringing life to your photos , thanks to the increase in color contrast . It is for these reasons that HDR has over the years become a photographic approach especially popular in the real estate photography industry!

The production challenge of HDR

For the real estate photographer, the challenge is not whether to do HDR, since most cameras can perform multiple exposures. There are a multitude of HDR composition software options on the market. The challenge for professional real estate photographers is rather how to make this technique efficient, productive, and above all cost-effective .

Automating camera triggering

HDR is a result obtained by taking different exposures of a single image. To achieve this, the photographer 's first challenge lies in the optimization of his/her technique of triggering the camera .

Some cameras let you automate an X-number of exposures for the same shot, but this number (usually 3 exposures on some Canon cameras) is insufficient for the HDR image to be of optimal quality . On the other hand, performing up to 9 exposures manually involves the risk of inadvertently moving the camera while it is being manipulated.

The trigger Ui ProHDR

The Ui ProHDR is equipped with an intelligent trigger that can be completely customized and configured according to the needs and desires of the photographer. The shutter button connects to the camera and allows the photographer, from a smartphone or laptop, to monitor the number of camera triggers remotely, depending on the configurations specified by the photographer.

Reference: Trigger Ui ProHDR

The Ui ProHDR trigger is a real miniature computer developed from A to Z by Urbanimmersive, allowing it to perform several other tasks, including a "live" preview of the HDR result of the sequence of images, via a smartphone or a laptop.


Black room online and offline

Optimizing the final HDR rendering composition is another challenge for photographers. There are several software solutions on the market; Ui ProHDR offers Urbanimmersive Affiliated Real Estate Photographers an online black room at no cost for HDR rendering .


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Professional photographers who want to develop their HDR renderings on the road without using up all  the bandwidth of their smartphones will appreciate the fact that our Ui ProHDR solution makes it possible to extract images quickly while processing via their favorite HDR off-line software.


Some HDR solutions are so expensive (especially with regard to the costs of developing images via online black rooms) that they significantly cut into the profit margins of real estate photographers. The Ui ProHDR solution (darkroom and trigger) is available free of charge to Urbanimmersive affiliates. Real estate photographers can compare the time and cost savings of this solution to that of the competition.


We have developed our Ui ProHDR solution so that it is fully integrated into the Centris ® Marketplace workflow. Our primary objective is to reduce the manipulation of images and increase the productivity of photographers. All shots can be "tagged" appropriately in the field, at the moment the image is captured. Each image is automatically linked to the corresponding order. Transferring the darkroom to the Centris ® Marketplace and the Centris ® Marketplace to Centris.ca is easy and fast.


It should also be added that unlike competitors, our Ui ProHDR solution is reserved only for professional photographers. Consequently, our solution will enable photographers to not only distinguish themselves via their usage of HDR configurations, but also via the solutions offered that have been designed and developed for real estate brokers .


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