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Do You Believe in Ghosts? Here Is the Story of a Real Estate Photographer That Will Give You Chills Down Your Spine

Date Online: 2017-10-27

At Urbanimmersive, we’ve been working with real estate photographers for over 10 years. We’ve heard more than one staggering story … but the story of this photographer has given us a lot of fun.

Before going into the heart of the matter, we would like to point out that the story was told by an architectural photographer with over 20 years of experience and, of course, with several photo shoots to his credit.

However, in order to protect the identity of those involved, we decided not to reveal their names or the places where these events happened.

For the same reasons, the images used for this article are also a reconstruction of events and not the original images.

Here is the story.

A few years ago, a real estate photographer working in the Montreal area was called for a photo shoot in the Laurentians.

This is a beautiful residence for sale in this beautiful region, nestled on a wooded pine hill. The real estate broker explains on the phone the reason for the sale of the property.

In fact, a young couple was about to get married a few weeks before the photo shoot. Unfortunately, a few days before the wedding, a road accident takes the life of the future bride. Unable to live alone in the house filled with memories, the young man decides to put it up for sale.

Arriving on the scene a little earlier than planned, the photographer is waiting on the balcony for the real estate broker. Seeing that the broker has not arrived, the photographer decides to knock on the door to see if anyone can open it. To her surprise, she notices that the door is not locked.

The photographer enters the house, thinking naively that the real estate broker has probably come to unlock the door, but left because he had an emergency.

Since this is her last photo shoot of the day and she does not want to finish too late in order to get to Montreal before dark , she decides to start her work.

The photographer finds that there are many mirrors hung on the walls of the property and that the house has not been at all “depersonalized” for sale. She also notices that there is a lot of dust is on the furniture, suggesting that the house has been uninhabited for some time.

Also, several photos of the young couple cover the walls of the house. In the living room, in the kitchen, in the bathroom… The photos are everywhere!

Normally the photographer would have contacted the broker to ask him to advise the sellers that it would be better to remove the photos from the walls to depersonalise the house to facilitate the sale. A good house cleaning would also be a must. But today, it’s different. She passes.

The photographer knows the story of the young couple, but does not think about it during the photo shoot, applying herself to doing her job as she is used to. The 24-photo shoot is running as planned. There is no one in the residence, which facilitates the work of the photographer.

The photographer remembers having experienced a lot of stress during the photo shoot,  as if this was her first experience in photography and the nervousness was sharpening her concentration.

A photo shoot like this usually takes about an hour, but when the photographer finishes her work, she finds that nearly three hours have passed!

The light of day has faded, beginning to make way for darkness. Time has stopped, she tells herself, like when she reads a good book. She does not care.

Before leaving the residence, the photographer takes care to check to make sure she has not forgotten anything. She goes around the residence one last time. Strangely, she cannot remember if she photographed the central staircase.

She decides to reinstall her tripod and restart her camera. It is positioned to highlight this huge central staircase with hand-carved wood railings.

The last pictures taken, she can now leave the residence with peace of mind. At least, that’s what she thought…

In the evening, once back at home, the photographer moved to the computer to make the final touch-ups to the images, as most photographers do before delivering their visual content to their clients. All the photos pass before her eyes.

She realizes that she did not forget to photograph the central staircase. She sees two separate photos of the stairs. One of them, the one taken last, seems to have a white blur effect in the center.

Intrigued, the photographer directs her attention to this small image. When opening the file, she feels a great thrill running through her body. Her mind has just predicted what she will see on this picture… A ghost!

Her heart starts beating quickly. The image is open and confirms her fears. In the center of the stairs, she can clearly distinguish the white dress of a bride. She can even see a face, at once peaceful and sad.

She moves away from the computer. Nervous, she looks around the room to make sure she is not dreaming. Even though she rubs her eyes, the ghost of the bride simply does not disappear from the picture.

The photographer does not believe in ghosts. She pulls herself together. She tells herself that it is probably the sensor of her camera that has remained printed from a previous image. She erases the image without waiting and thinks that the other photos will live up to the expectations of her client. But that was not the case…

On all images with mirrors, the photographer notices that a white glow is reflected in the center. She is convinced that her lens has a problem categorically refuting the ghost theory. There is nothing to do and must cancel the delivery of photos.

She contacts the real estate broker to tell him that the photos are not good. The broker is surprised by this call since he tells her that the property is already listed on his website and that he has done business with another photographer, who did not send him confirmation. He is, of course, sorry for the inconvenience.

This situation, while embarrassing, is good news for the photographer. This will prevent her from restarting the photo shootShe does not really want to go back to this Laurentian home.

However, her curiosity prevails and she hastens to see the photos of the property on the site of the real estate broker in question.

She quickly finds the front photo of the house. She notes that indeed, the property for sale was listed on the real estate website of the broker, and only two days ago.

However, she makes a discovery that intrigue her. The many frames and mirrors on the walls of the property are not found in the photos taken by the other photographer.

She would normally conclude that the other photographer or the real estate broker took the time to “depersonalize” the property before photographing it. A whole job of home staging for photographs!

But that’s not all!

What traumatized the photographer and that led her to take a sabbatical year later, is that there are no more mirrors on the walls and the walls had all been repainted!

How was it possible when she went to the scene the next day and photographed a completely different scene?

The photographer never returned to the home and never revealed to her client this mystery, preferring to forget this bizarre timeless story. She told herself that no one would believe her anyways.

And you? Do you believe this story? Does it give you goose bumps?

Have you also experienced strange stories? We want you to share them with us, it’s Halloween after all!


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