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Tips and Tricks to Make a 2018 Garage Sale Successful

Date Online: 2018-05-29

The purchase, sale and use of second-hand objects are characteristic of today’s world of consumption and decoration; Indeed, vintage is hipper than ever!

Garage sales, also known as yard sales, are the best way to declutter your basement and get rid of all that stuff you don’t need anymore. For a successful garage sale, follow these tips!

If you want to sell as much as possible in a garage sale, first be aware that it is not enough to simply put a price on things and wait for passersby to buy them… A garage sale requires some organization and therefore needs to be planned. Follow these recommendations and your efforts won’t be in vain!

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The First Step

The first step towards a successful garage sale is the choice of items that you no longer use and therefore want to sell, keeping in mind that they must be in good condition still so that their new owner can use them without any inconvenience. This laborious task can take a few hours but, when done well, it will make your house feel “lighter” right away! Afterwards, classify these items by categories (clothing for women/men/children, shoes, jewelry, household appliances, kitchen, decoration, furniture and so on).

A Price for Everything

Setting the price of each item is a crucial step for a successful garage sale. Try to remember how much you paid for them and see how much they sell for now (for new); This way, you’ll be able to price them fairly. And remember that friends, family members, neighbours and acquaintances might swing by… and they will expect a discount. Ideally, prices should leave you some leeway to apply discounts while still proving beneficial for you.

Get in touch with friends and family living in the area; They probably have stuff they want to get rid of too! The more diversified your garage sale is and the more choices it has, the more passersby it will attract! Everyone wins!

Note… It is better to put a price tag on each item. Most people will be too shy to ask for the price of the object that caught their eye and will end up leaving without buying anything. Items with easy-to-read price tags attract attention!

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Choose the Date

The success (or failure) of your garage sale depends a lot on when you set it up… Of course, it is better to plan your garage sale on the weekend; People have more free time to shop when they have the day off. On the other hand, a lot of people think of long weekends as short vacations; Thus, your neighbourhood might not be as busy on these days.

Stay informed… Some municipalities allow garage sales on certain days only. Read about your city’s rules! It would be unfortunate to have to close shop after so much effort…

Be Seen!

Advertising is another key to the success of your garage sale. A few weeks before the scheduled date, start promoting it on social media and invite your friends to share the news. This way, word will spread without too much effort!

The power of social media is greater than we think… Be original with your publication; Get people interested by posting pictures of items that will likely be coveted (shoes that look new and are still in style, beautiful jewelry, practical kitchen tools, etcetera) or by listing what people can expect (baby clothes, books, collectibles, vintage accessories, jewelry, etcetera).

Reference: depositphotos.com

Design a nice and colourful poster with the date, address and time of your garage sale. Print a lot of copies on quality paper at the photocopy centre. Then, a few days before the scheduled date, pin them on local convenience stores’ and grocery stores’ bulletin boards, and tape more to stop signs around the neighbourhood.

The day of the garage sale, make your house stand out by decorating it with banners or balloons that will catch the attention of passersby who might not have seen your posters before!

Ready to Negotiate?

Negotiating prices at garage sales is a classic—and part of the fun! Keep an open mind and don’t forget to set prices that give you a little leeway to negotiate with hagglers. It is better to sell something at a lower price than not at all… Also, if a customer is happy with the outcome of the negotiation, he is more likely to buy even more stuff! However, avoid never-ending negotiations; These are rarely a good idea in the context of a yard sale. Most purchases at a garage sale are impulsive. You don’t want buyers to change their minds! 

Keep Buddy Inside

If you have a dog, no matter how tiny it is, it is recommended to leave it inside the house during your garage sale; Some people don’t like dogs to the point that they will actually turn around to avoid them. Besides, on very hot days, your dog may be less friendly and patient as usual, especially with overly affectionate and excited children. For these reasons, just keep Buddy inside!

Reference: depositphotos.com

What to Do with Things That Are Not Sold?

If some items have not found a buyer during your garage sale, you still have a few options; There are many charitable organizations that accept donations of clothes and furniture. Some might even pick come to your house to collect them!

More Tips…

  • Keep one or more “yard sale” boxes in your bedroom, garage or anywhere else in the house before summer returns. That will allow you to collect items you want to sell throughout the weeks.
  • Start collecting plastic and paper bags ahead to bag your buyers’ purchases. 
  • Spread items for sale on tables and group them by categories (men’s, women’s, children’s, toys, kitchenware, etcetera). If you have coat racks available, hang as much clothing as possible (they will be easier to spot by passersby).
  • Tape each jewelry on a cardboard square: Write the price on each square and organize them vertically in a shoebox. Buyers will find it easy to flip through them. Keep these boxes close to you, especially if you’re selling expensive jewelry.
  • Display the most “interesting” items prominently to catch the attention of passersby. They will be curious and stop to see what else is for sale. 
  • Keep a few items inside a bin or basket with the mention “free.” That will also attract passersby!
  • Do not forget to price each article. Most people don’t like to ask… You can also group objects of the same price on one table and write something like “Everything on this table is $X” on a poster.
  • When there are only two hours left to your garage sale, hang a sign that says, “Everything is half price.” Group everything you don’t want to sell at a discount under a poster saying, “These items are for sale at full price”;
  • Get the children involved! They can sell homemade cookies or brownies, lemonade, coffee, donuts, popcorn… They’ll be happy to make a few bucks and visitors will think it’s sooo cute!
  • If you are selling items that need batteries, have some on hand to allow people to test them. An extension cord will also prove handy if you have electric things for sale.

These tips will definitely make your garage sale a great success!


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