Urbanimmersive Group

We are acquiring real estate photography businesses

Urbanimmersive is growing and we are acquiring profitable real estate photography businesses. Join Urbanimmersive Group of photography brands to take advantage of our cutting-edge 3D technologies and business management solutions. Urbanimmersive brands have access to resources that allow them to grow your business and strengthen your financial security.

Why join the Urbanimmersive Group?

Grow your Business

Increased focus on operating and growing your business by taking apart the administration work (accounting, human resources, legal, etc.);
Variable compensation based on volume (billing) with no upper limit;
Benefit from Urbanimmersive’s advertising;

Have Access to Our Technology

Get access to a complete business solution platform to manage your business from A to Z;
Benefit from a cutting-edge technology and innovative suitable solutions for your customers to increase your revenues;
Take advantage of our immersive 3D tour technology to stand out from the competition.

Take Advantage of our Resources

Access to our competitive group insurance program with Canada Vie (medical, dental, life, long-term disability, travel)
Benefit from inhouse experienced customer and technological support teams;
Access to low-cost photography equipment;
Get access to a pool of photographers to assist you when needed;

Strengthen Your Financial Security

Secure liquidity and the full value of your business;
Receive Urbanimmersive shares and benefit from upside potential while aligning interests to grow the business altogether;

Keep Your Management Autonomy

Keep your autonomy and your successful relationship with your customers as you could continue to run your business and manage your clients as before while benefiting Urbanimmersive's resources.

Join The Urbanimmersive Group Today!

If you would like to join the Group or learn more about this opportunity, reach out to our sale representative at hello@urbanimmersive.com