Educational Establishments

The New alternative to your regular school tour!

Add value to your school with Urbanimmersive virtual 3D tours!

Host a Virtual Open House

School Open Houses will never be the same using Urbanimmersive’s 3D tours. While in the comfort of their home, parents and students will discover the entire campus and will be able to exchange ideas in real-time with UiMeet3D. In order to encourage exchanges between the students, it is possible to organize small group visits for the tour of the school. Students will then be ready to start their first day with confidence having made a first visit to the premises.

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Establish a Connection with the Families

The School Management can use Urbanimmersive’s solutions to inform the parents throughout their child's academic careers. To ensure that all families feel welcomed in the school, it is possible to embed directly in the 3D tour a video of the school principal saying a word of welcome. It is also encouraged to add UiTags (information boxes) in certain strategic places in the 3D environment in order to share essential information with the families.

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An Efficient Way of Hosting Parent-Teacher Conferences

It is now possible to host parent-teacher conferences in 3D environments. UiMeet3D allows teachers and parents to save a notable amount of time since they conduct these meetings from home. Teachers can thus spread their meetings over a week and make appointments at specific times to parents.

This will greatly distribute the workload that teachers usually accomplish in two days. Parents will also appreciate the flexibility this gives them to add these meetings to their busy schedules.

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Virtual Classrooms

Listening to a teacher giving a lesson via traditional mosaic videoconferencing can sometimes seem tedious. Thanks to UiMeet3D, which allows videoconferencing in 3D environments, distance courses will never be boring again.

Teachers and students can thus come together in the immersive 3D tour of their school and take their courses in their classroom. Each student can be seated at his desk, look at his classmates around him, and listen to the lesson given by the teacher at the front of the classroom.

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Building Maintenance Tool

An immersive 3D tour can become a useful tool for the maintenance of a building. If the establishment has plans to renovate its premises or prepare for maintenance work, it is easy to have meetings in the 3D environment with subcontractors or employees in order to demonstrate the scale of the renovations. It is also useful when the space is limited or difficult to access. Our immersive 3D tours also include floor plans that can be used to calculate the estimated cost of the renovations.

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Safety First

The floor plans included in the immersive 3D tour can be used by fire safety departments to determine the best emergency exit routes. Security departments may also find it practical to have an immersive 3D tour to get an accurate visualization of the premises before an intervention.

**Take note that for confidentiality reasons, the faces of children have been blurred in each image showing them.**