Intellectual Property

A Deep Intellectual Property Portfolio

We rely on trade secrets and contractual restrictions, such as confidentiality agreements and licenses, to establish and protect our proprietary rights. We have no patent. We will evaluate our intellectual property strategy on a regular basis and will file corresponding international patent applications in due course if deemed appropriate. We have secured trademark registration for the words Urbanimmersive and AVU3D in Canada and in the United States. We have also secured trademark registration for the Urbanimmersive logo in Canada and in the United States.

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Visual Content Provider Marketplace

UI Visual Content Marketplace is an online solution enabling real estate professionals to find, compare, book, and pay trusted visual content providers in their region. With our robust calendar feature, real estate professionals can consult a provider's availability and select the date and time of appointments, thus avoiding the usual back-and-forth email chain and/or phone call for scheduling a meeting. We take a commission fee representing a percentage of the value of each ordered service transaction.

Photographer Business Management SaaS

Our software solution for photographers allows photographers to manage the operations of their visual content business. The software offers a multitude of features such as order management, appointment management, real-time availability schedule, content delivery management, customer web page for image preselection, customer preference management, freelancers and employees management, real-time check-in / check-out, management of service areas and travel expenses, quote management, online invoicing, deposit management, inventory management of services and products, management of price lists Urbanimmersive marketplace services, integrated email notification system., management reports, and more.

Urbanimmersive Visual Content Landing Pages

We offer professional real estate photographers who have registered on our Visual Content Marketplace, a public-facing landing page with every still picture delivered using our solutions. The landing page can use a unique Urbanimmersive URL or can be mapped on another domain name.

Premium Visual Content Landing Pages: Tourbuzz

We offer a premium solution for Visual Content Landing Pages called Tourbuzz. Our premium landing pages are highly scalable, flexible, and offer many advanced feature sets. Photographers are currently paying for premium landing pages through the use of credit paid in advance. The sites are then resold to their clients or include in package pricing.

3D Emulator (AVU3D)

Photographer Licence

We are licensing AVU3D technology and post-production software to all photographers who have subscribed to our visual content CRM and who wish to offer 3D emulated immersive slideshows.

AVU3D Editor Studio Licence

AVU3D BIM Studio is a Windows-based software program to edit AVU3D environment content and Graphical User Interface ("GUI"). This software allows the adding and editing of 2D/3D elements such as images, hotspots, sounds, actions, click zones and menus, and dialogue and content boxes. The software is targeting building asset managers who want to create and customize their AVU3D immersive environments. We also license the software for other applications including engineering, off-site inspections, architectural design validation, security 3D immersive maps, and gaming. The cost of the license represents a percentage of the value of the total project sale provided by our channel partners and is charged annually.

AVU3D API License

AVU3D API is a set containing documentation, computer commands, and software libraries allowing third-party providers to interact with, and integrate, AVU3D directly from, and/or in, their computer systems. AVU3D API provides the necessary tools to develop all functionalities found in AVU3D Studio. For example, this license could enable customized database connectivity and graphical user interfaces. This approach provides us with the opportunity to generate service revenue from the development and licensing of new features specifically addressed to customer needs. AVU3D API is licensed to channel partners only.


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