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Immersive 3D Tour and Floor Plan

Immersive 3D Tour

Today, it goes without saying that a virtual tour service at the cutting edge of immersive 3D tour technology is a must. The opportunity presented by this simple and effective approach is gaining popularity at lightning speed in the field of real estate. In addition to helping to improve your performance, virtual tours are a tool that helps the flow of activities in addition to being considered by search engines.

All our Immersive 3D Tours include*

UiMeet3D Video-Conference

24 Hour Turnaround (Guaranteed!)

Measuring tools

Interactive mini-map & Dollhouse

No size limit

Help tool

*Inclusions may vary by photographer scanning approach

Floor Plan

No listing is complete without a standard floor plan to help potential buyers plan how they might live in their new home. Using the same technology as our 3D modeling, we'll scan every room in the house to capture specifications, including room measurements down to the inch, to create a complete floor plan.

Floor Plans Example

All of our Floor Plan Include*

Room Names & Furniture

24 Hour Turnaround (Guaranteed!)


SVG and JPEG file


Integrated in 3D Tour

*Inclusions may vary by photographer scanning approach


Included with a Prime Membership *may vary by region or franchise

Starting October 1, 2023, we're excited to transition all Tourbuzz clients to the Urbanimmersive platform. Urbanimmersive combines the familiar features of Tourbuzz with a modern user interface and enhanced tools, offering photographers innovative solutions to manage their workflows efficiently. Join us in exploring a platform designed to cater to your evolving needs while maintaining the essence of the Tourbuzz you know and love.

UiMeet3D include*

Videoconferences up to 10 participants

Greeting Bot configurations

Private and public chat

Avatar picture & UI backbadge

*Inclusions may vary by photographer scanning approach


Years in business




Over $1 million


Virtual tour views

Why Urbanimmersive?

Real estate photographers utilizing our unified digital twins solution experience enhanced speed, efficiency, and consistency. Try it!

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