3D Video Fusion

Discover a groundbreaking integration of 360-video content and 3D tour navigation, offering an immersive, interactive, and engaging user experience like never before.

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Introducing 3D VF - A Revolutionary 3D Digital Experience

..and in one scan process, deliver a 360 video, a 3D digital twin, and a detailed 2D floor plan, all blended into the same experience.

3D Video Fusion (3D VF) is a groundbreaking technology that integrates 360-degree video content with 3D digital twins, providing an immersive, interactive, and enhanced user experience. It offers the emotional engagement of 360-videos combined with the navigational capabilities of 3D tours, ensuring a dynamic and informative exploration of spaces. With features like Text-to-Map navigation and geo-matched summary AI reports, 3D VF is not only cost-effective but also user-friendly, making the creation of detailed and interactive 3D digital twins and 2D floor plans accessible and efficient. This innovation is set to transform real estate marketing, home inspections, and business showcases by offering a richer and more engaging visual presentation of spaces.

More Engaging Than Traditional 3D Digital Twins

Leverage the emotional connection of 360-videos with audio components, making the virtual tour more dynamic, informative, and engaging.

Unifying the Best of 360-Video & 3D Digital Twins

3D VF seamlessly combines 360-video content with 3D digital twins, allowing users to navigate through the video content as they would in a standard 3D digital twin.

Easy Creation. No App. No Special Skills

Create captivating 3D digital twins using 360-video footage with ease. It’s user-friendly, quick, and requires no extensive technical skills.

3D VF cover

Key Features

The core innovation of 3D VideoFusion (3D VF) is its intricate synchronization of 360-video with embedded 3D elements, establishing a seamless, interactive experience. In this advanced solution, the 360-video actively orchestrates the dynamic display of 3D components such as navigation pins and 3D avatars. As viewers navigate, each element adaptively responds, enabled by precise metadata mapping. It’s a dance where the video leads, and the 3D environment seamlessly follows, elevating the immersive experience.

Multi-Lingual Captioning

Leverage AI-powered automatic captioning to cater to a global audience, ensuring an inclusive and comprehensive viewing experience for users of diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Text-to-Map Navigation

Enhance user engagement with AI-powered text-to-map technology, allowing viewers to easily jump to specific locations within the 3D tour and 2D map. This feature not only enriches exploration but also enables users to search for specific terms, offering insights and learning opportunities about distinct elements of the space.

3D Objects Integrated into 360-Video Scenes

All 3D tags, including room names, dimensions, 'jump to' icons, and 3D avatars, are seamlessly integrated into the 360-video, leveraging the data sourced from digital twins.

Geo-matched Summary AI Report

Transform captions into interactive, AI-powered geo-matched summary to create indexable marketing content or inspection reports, connecting every piece of text to specific 3D locations within the digital twin.

2D Floor Plan

The 2D floor plans generated through our 360-degree video recording scanning process retain the exceptional quality and precision that our standard 360-photo scanning process is renowned for, being considered one of the best in the industry. These detailed floor plans not only delineate room names and dimensions, furniture placement, and exact locations of windows and doors, but are also meticulously generated from our 3D digital twins. When utilized as interactive maps during navigation, these plans offer an added layer of verification. Viewers can directly correlate the 3D tour visuals with the floor plans, facilitating an unparalleled level of trust and transparency by enabling them to validate the accuracy of the floor plan details themselves, a feature not readily offered by other technologies lacking visual content.

Floor Plans Example

Try our demos!

To try our demos, click on the Play Icon located at the center of the first image of the 3D Digital Twin. Once the video starts, use your mouse or finger (on mobile) to adjust your field of view. To change your location within the tour, click on the circle icons located on the floor or the nearest walls. After the 3D transition, the 360-video will resume from your selected viewpoint. You can also navigate using the 2D map. Open it and click on a circle to move directly to that location. The Text-To-Map feature allows for more specific navigation; open the chat icon and click on phrases that interest you, or search for specific terms to find relevant sentences. For a multilingual experience, change the captioning language by clicking the CC icon and selecting your preferred language. Please note that captions, generated from audio, may occasionally contain errors. We will soon introduce a CC editor for corrections. Enjoy exploring with 3D VF!

3D VF Demo
Explore a Penthouse in 3D VF
Explore the very first real-life 3D Video Fusion, captured without the use of a wireless mic. Watch as our photographer assists the agent, exemplifying the personalized service offered by Urbanimmersive's photography agencies.
3D VF Demo Office UI
Explore Our Office in 3D VF
Watch our CEO test 3D VF during a tour of our office, recorded with a wireless mic for enhanced audio quality. Turn on English captions to understand his insights!
3D VF Demo House
Step Inside a Home with 3D VF
An agent team mastered the art of creating this immersive 3D VF experience in just two minutes of training – the results speak for themselves!


I would like to have a 3D VF for my property for sale or my business. How can I order the service?

You can create your own 3D VF or hire a certified Urbanimmersive photographer to assist you. As we are in the process of rolling out this new service, there are a growing yet limited number of photographers who can provide it. If you need the assistance of a photographer, please contact us at hello@urbanimmersive.com, and we will assist you in finding a professional, whether in the US or Canada.

I am a photographer already using the Urbanimmersive platform. How can I start offering 3D VF to my clients?

If you're a photographer already utilizing the Urbanimmersive platform, starting to offer 3D VF is easy. Simply activate the new 3D VF option in your ordering settings and establish a pricing structure. We suggest selling 3D VF in increments of 30 minutes. Although the average 360-video length is 8 minutes, your clients might require more than one take. ;-)

I am a photographer NOT using Urbanimmersive. How can I start offering 3D VF to my clients?

3D VF is exclusively offered to photographers using the Urbanimmersive platform (not available in Tourbuzz). To offer 3D VF, you need to create an account with Urbanimmersive. Begin by signing up as a photographer. The process includes creating a profile and waiting for its approval. Once approved, you can start offering 3D VF to your clients. We highly recommend participating in the 1 hour free onboarding session to familiarize yourself with the platform and service offerings.

I'm a real estate agent; how can I create my own 3D VF?

If you are a real estate agent interested in creating your own 3D VF, you must first be associated with a photography agency that uses our solutions. Request that they enable the 3D VF option for you in your account. Once enabled, you can upload your 360-video recordings directly through your profile. It is easy. The processing and hosting costs are the same for everyone. Visit our pricing page for more details.

What Equipment Do I Need to Create a 3D VF?

To create a 3D VF, you will need a 360 camera, a tripod, and ideally, an external wireless microphone to achieve higher audio quality. Using a wireless microphone also helps avoid the noise created when setting the tripod on a hard floor. Based on our tests, the Insta360 ONE RS is by far the most suitable 360 camera for creating 3D VFs.

Insta360 Rs Mic

What is the technique for recording to create 3D VF?

To create a 3D VF, set your 360 camera to Video Recording Mode. Press the Record button and begin showcasing your property. During the recording, place the tripod on the floor multiple times to create navigation stops in the 3D digital twin. We recommend at least two stops for standard size rooms and more for larger spaces. Aim to place the tripod in areas where you believe viewers will want to explore. The more stops you make, the more navigation options you provide to viewers. When the tripod is on the floor, try to step back to offer viewers a clearer view of the room.
Important: Make one video per floor and use the same technique for exterior scenes.

Is there a limit to the length (in minutes) of video I can record?

No, there is no technical limitation on the length of the video. However, the video length does impact the pricing for 3D VF. 360-videos are billed in segments of 10 minutes, with the first 10 minutes included in the price of your 3D digital twins. For real estate agents subscribed to our PRIME monthly package, offered through Urbanimmersive's photography service agencies, there is no length limit for videos. For detailed pricing information, please refer to our pricing page.

Is there a bandwidth limit for streaming the video?

Currently, there is no bandwidth limit for streaming the video. However, as 3D VF is a new product and video streaming is a new venture for Urbanimmersive, we may evaluate and set bandwidth limits per project in the future. If any changes are made, rest assured that all projects completed prior to the change will retain unlimited bandwidth.

Can I edit 360-videos?

No, editing the 360-videos is not allowed as it would disrupt the scaling data required for creating an accurate 3D space. Please upload your 360-videos as they are.

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