Tourbuzz Real Estate Photographer Single Property Websites Now Integrates PREMIUM Neighbourhood And Mapping Information

Date Online: 2020-06-29

We are pleased to announce the addition of PREMIUM neighbourhood and mapping information to all our Tourbuzz single property and 3D Pocket Websites.

See all Tourbuzz Single Property designs at:

Powered by Local Logic, the new PREMUM mapping neighbourhood information and location scores on crucial buying factors such as nearby amenities, transport, accessibility to services such as daycares and schools, ambient sound levels and surrounding businesses which are further informing buyers before visiting a property for sale.  

The neighboorhood and mapping PREMIUM information is available for all the US and Canadian cities.  

User interface is slick and easy to use for agents and home buyers.


Great added values that will help you attrack and retain great clients!

Real estate is all about location, location and location. By adding what we are considering the best real estate mapping neighbourhood information solution on the market, we are greatly adding value to Tourbuzz Single Property and 3D Pocket Website.  We believe this new tool will help your real estate agents to increase traffic, engagement, and conversions from the Tourbuzz single property websites you are supplying them with.  

Hope you will like this new feature!




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