Date Online: 2021-10-12

Urbanimmersive leverages usages of its flagship patent pending product UiMeet3D avatar to build behavioral research data set for next generation of 3D chatbot machine learning

SAINT-HUBERT, Quebec, Oct. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Urbanimmersive Inc. (“Urbanimmersive”, the “Company” or “UI”) (TSX VENTURE: UI) (OTCQB: UBMRF) announces Behavioral_UI3D, its research dataset recording system aimed at building the largest real estate 3D tour visitors behavioral database. The Company will make available Behavioral_UI3D to researchers to train embodied agents, such as home AI 3D chatbot assistants.

The Behavioral_UI3D Research Dataset (UI3D) is a system developed by Urbanimmersive R&D team that records every single 3D tour user movement, visits path in homes, in and bounce out locations, user interactions with 3D Hotspots and other visitors, user fields of sight head rotations and reactions to 3D greeting chatbots. Behavioral_UI3D records also basic audience metrics allowing users’ segmentation and whether they have visited other 3D tours. As all UI’s 3D tour rooms of properties for sale are humanly mapped, scaled to life and named, the UI3D Dataset linked all interactions to indoor contextual location, room sizes, number of rooms, navigation complexity and number of floors (levels) and whether large areas of the 3D tours have furniture or not. UI3D can also benefit from the Company’s image recognition AI dataset gathered through millions of photos processed over the years.

« In short, we can precisely replicate each visit of each visitor. We know when they move, where they went in the tour, the path they used, what they saw, how much time they saw it and when they left the 3D tour. More importantly, we know what triggered them to interact with our 3D virtual assistant », said Alexandre Henry-Lebel, CTO of Urbanimmersive. « The ultimate goal is to work with groups of researchers to create AI machine learning that would help predict visitor behaviors based on their profile, points of interest and visit history », added Mr. Henry-Lebel.

UiMeet3D premium launch with 3D virtual assistant

Urbanimmersive also announced the launch of its first 3D virtual assistance greeting bot now available within all UiMeet3D monthly premium subscriptions packages ( https://www.urbanimmersive.com/uimeet3d_features ) which also include features like bot profile settings, public and private chat, lead generator, alert notifications, avatar pictures, UiBackBadge and more. The 3D virtual assistance can be branded to the agent, looks and acts exactly like other avatars and is capable of greeting visitors, following them in the 3D tour and asking questions to preset selectable answers and forms.

« We believe that our 3D virtual assistant could definitely benefit from visitors behavioral AI machine learning research from our UI3D dataset by improving interactions with visitors. For example, the 3D virtual assistant could determine the proper questions to ask to engage with visitors based on several data such as their visit history, points of interest in tours, home style taste (i.e. modern kitchens whether visitors spent more time visiting modern kitchens in 3D tours), number of rooms visited, time spent in tours, etc. The 3D virtual assistant could guide the potential buyers to the best possible match between available listings using 3D tours. This next generation of 3D virtual assistant could prepare a list of matching listings and organize custom guided tours based on visitors' tastes, profile and interest. The value for real estate agents would be to hire this next generation of 3D assistant to generate more leads, increase brand awareness and productivity. The potential of studying 3D tour visitors' behavior and applying it to AI based 3D virtual assistants is limitless and very exciting », said Alexandre Henry-Lebel, CTO of Urbanimmersive.

« Not only we believe that our 3D virtual assistant (chatbot) might become the most powerful 3D lead generator in the market but this should also accelerate the monetization of UiMeet3D with our monthly subscription package that includes a pay-per-minute fee », said Ghislain Lemire, CEO of Urbanimmersive.

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About Urbanimmersive

Urbanimmersive develops and commercializes real estate photography technologies and services focused on redefining industry visual content standards. The Company all-in-one platform enables high-volume photography businesses to increase operational productivity delivering feature-rich 3D tours and floor plans, leading-edge property websites and high-resolution AI-indexed images. The Company operating segments include software (SaaS), 360 camera hardware and, in a growing number of North American cities, technology-powered real estate photography service business units leading the industry photo-shoots standards transformation.

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