Who We Are

Urbanimmersive develops and commercializes real estate photography technologies and services focused on redefining industry visual content standards.

The Company's all-in-one platform enables high-volume real estate agents and photography businesses to increase operational productivity by delivering feature-rich 3D tours and floor plans, leading-edge property websites and high-resolution AI-indexed images.

Urbanimmersive’s core technology is a 3D emulator powered by a visual content recognition post-production algorithm that delivers online and offline cost-effective alternatives to traditional 3D engines for the creation of immersive digital environments.

The Company operating segments include software (SaaS), 3D photography equipment, and, in a growing number of North American cities, technology-powered real estate photography service business units leading the industry photo-shoots standards transformation.

Real Estate Photographers Network

Urbanimmersive is a family of owned brands driven by passionate employees and independent visual content providers - each with rich industry experience and knowhow.

By combining Urbanimmersive's technology innovation with operational know-how, the brands forming the Urbanimmersive group are uniquely positioned to help customers across a broad range of verticals, from both residential and commercial real estate, local businesses, hotel, resorts to crime scene investigation, serious games and much more.

Strategic Acquisitions

Our new accelerated growth plan aime at identifying strategic profitable real estate photography business acquisitions to grow our network of wholly-owned brands and increase our 3D technology footprint. Each acquisition must meet our business model criteria, cultural fit and provide measurable return on investment. We ensure to convert our brands into tech-powered real estate photography businesses to attract and retain more customers.



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