How do I post my virtual tour on Facebook?
13th December 2022
To post your virtual tour on Facebook, copy the full unbranded virtual tour url and paste it in a Facebook post. You can find the virtual tour links in the photo delivery emails and in your account on www.IMOTO.com > My Account > My Orders >
What is the Premium Virtual Tour?
13th December 2022
This article explains the features of the Premium Virtual Tour and the difference between Premium Virtual Tour and our free Virtual Tour.  The Premium Virtual Tour is a $25 upgraded version of our free Virtual Tour.  What is t
What is the IMOTO virtual tour?
13th December 2022
Every IMOTO orders comes with a free Virtual Tour. IMOTO's Virtual Tour is a portfolio that includes photos and products from your order, listing's address, # of beds, baths and square footage.  Wondering where to find your Virtual Tour? Cli
What is included in an IMOTO photo shoot?
13th December 2022
This article explains what is included in our photo shoots. All IMOTO photo shoots include the following:  Two virtual tours (branded and unbranded)  An Aerial Shot with a 30 ft Tripod HDR Editing Blue Sky 24 Hour Turnarou
Who owns the photos?
13th December 2022
IMOTO owns the copyright to the photos, but you, the client, receive a license to use the photos for your marketing. You are not allowed to re-sell the photos. Click here for our Terms & Conditions.
Does IMOTO create flyers / prints / etc?
13th December 2022
IMOTO does not create any flyers / prints / etc. We only deliver digital versions of our products.
Facebook Marketing Ad Formats
13th December 2022
IMOTO's Facebook Marketing Product allows you to feature your listings through variety of ad formats. When your order IMOTO's Facebook Marketing Product, you can get your listing in front of hundreds of potential buyers with just the click of a butt
Basic vs. Advanced vs. Luxury
13th December 2022
What is the difference between IMOTO's three photo products. IMOTO offers 3 types of photos: Basic, Advanced, and Luxury. Basic photos are only available in certain markets (Denver, Nashville, Phoenix). Click here for a PDF outline of the
What is the Social Media Package?
13th December 2022
The Social Media Package contains 5 products to maximize your social media marketing and garnish more views. The social media package is the perfect product for marketing your listing on social media. The package includes 5 products designed to deli
Stand-Alone Video Products: Traditional, Drone, and Drone + Interior
13th December 2022
This article explains the differences between our 3 Stand-Alone Video products. Video products are soaring in popularity now more than ever. COVID-19 has changed the residential real estate market, and it has created the need for more contact-free
Add-On Videos: Social Media Video, Video Walkthrough, and 360 Video Walkthrough
13th December 2022
This article explains the differences between our 3 add-on video products. IMOTO has 3 full-motion, add-on video products that are the perfect complements to an IMOTO photo shoot. Add-on videos are $99 and must be ordered with a photo shoot. They ra
What is Twilight Photography?
13th December 2022
This article explains our Twilight Photography. A Twilight photo is a photo taken at night to showcase the nighttime, evening ambience of your listing. Our Twilight photography will make your listing glow! ✨ Cost: $100 Check out some e
What is Virtual Twilight?
13th December 2022
Turn your daytime exterior photo into a stunning twilight photo! Our Virtual Twilight product transforms your daytime listing photos into a stunning virtual twilight photo. Virtual Twilight is an affordable option in comparison to our Twilight photo
What are Photo Add-Ons?
13th December 2022
Boost your Marketing with IMOTO's Photo Add-Ons. IMOTO has several options for Photo Add-Ons for your photo shoot. You can choose from the following: Virtual Twilight, Virtual Staging, Social Media Package, Premium Virtual Tour, Listing Te
What is the Listing Teaser?
13th December 2022
This article explains IMOTO's listing teaser. IMOTO's Listing Teaser is a 30-second slideshow video containing 12 photos from your listing's photo shoot. The video is set to music and includes the street address, square footage, # of bed
What is green grass replacement?
13th December 2022
This article explains IMOTO's green grass replacement product. If you would like your listing to have perfectly cut green grass in your exterior photos, you can add IMOTO's green grass replacement to your order. Here are a few examples of our green
IMOTO 360 Video Walkthrough
13th December 2022
What is the 360 Video Walkthrough, how does it work, and where can you use it? Product Disclaimers: This product is only compatible on YouTube and Vimeo with current versions of Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, and Opera browsers. There ma
What Drone Products Does IMOTO Offer?
5th October 2022
IMOTO has 3 drone products: Drone Photos, Drone Videos and the Aerial + Interior Video. IMOTO has 3 drone products designed to help you bring your marketing to new levels. Drone photography Drone videos Aerial + Interior video. Please note



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