How Realtors Can Generate More Leads With Single-Property Websites

Date Online: 2020-02-28

There is no denying that the real estate industry is becoming more and more inundated with eager new professionals on a daily basis. Not only are the tons of agents racing their way to get their license but there are tons of other service providers like real estate photographers fighting to build a profitable business. 

Obviously, this ever-increasing competition makes it harder for both agents and service providers to survive. As a result, everyone is constantly being pushed to step up their game and make once advanced service offerings a standard part of their business. One example of this is single-property websites (SPWs).

At this point, it is completely standard for listing agents to present their sellers with single-property websites for their properties. This means that real estate photographers are pretty much required to offer them as a standard portion of their service as well. However, without those websites delivering actual results they become a waste of time and resources for both the agent and photographer. 

In today’s post, we will explore:

  • The true value of single-property websites
  • What role design plays in the success of single-property websites
  • The easiest way for you to create and optimize single-property websites for success

If you are in search of a way to up the ante on your service offering and optimize your results with single-property websites, this post is for you!

The Benefits Single-Property Websites?

Before diving any deeper into how to best optimize your single-property websites, it is best that you understand the pros and cons of them. 

Complete Control: Unlike other websites like Zillow where the property is forced to compete for attention among similar properties, ads, and various other distractions, you can keep the focus on the individual property. Again, it is important to communicate this benefit to sellers so that they understand why they can’t get the same results by simply posting their property on Zillow or similar sites themselves as a FSBO. 

Visibility: The first and most obvious benefit of SPWs is that they help bring more visibility to the listing. With nearly all real estate transactions originating from an online search, you have no choice but to get listings as much exposure as possible online (more than anywhere else).

Easy To Promote: Believe it or not, it can be very easy to promote an SPW. With basic social media acumen, you can quickly create highly-targeted digital sales funnels that will attract your ideal buyers to the site. 

Value Proposition: While many sellers will expect to be provided with SWPs, others will still be impressed with this service and see you as more valuable for providing them. That value will increase with all sellers if you measure and present your individual success with SWPs, rather than simply mention that you offer them. 

Do The Benefits Outweigh The Costs?

It could be argued that just about any marketing tactic comes with some benefits. However, just because there are built-in benefits to something, does not mean that those benefits outweigh the costs. As always, we are on a mission to help you to make well-informed decisions about your business that you can be confident in. Therefore, we believe you should also take these points into consideration. 

Your Time: One of the biggest reasons that real estate photographers dislike using single-property websites is the amount of time that it takes them to get them up and running, as well as, to maintain them properly. Virtual tours, selecting color schemes, interactive maps, the written content, etc. can all add up to a lot of time spent.

The Actual Costs: Just like with any website, there are costs that you will incur to get a single-property website up and running. The cheapest single property website is seldom the best long-term decision.  It might looks good at first but can take a lot of your time to get up and running.  Furthermore, cheap price single property vendors are seldom the ones to invest the most in innovation and infrastructure going forward.  

The Evolution Of Single-Property Website Designs

Just like with any website, the design is going to play a role in its success from both a user experience standpoint and SEO. No matter how fantastic the listing is or the photos of that listing are, if the design of the SWP is terrible, it will not yield positive results for you. So that begs the question, what design components are now needed to get these listings the attention? 

Fully Immersive: If a website is not immediately visually engaging to viewers, they will be driven away. From the very first moment that they arrive on your single property website, they should feel compelled to stay on the site and explore further. Today, it's all about 3D and immersive visual experience.    WP3D Models and the new Urbanimmersive 3D Pcoket Websites are good exemples of a fully immersive experience single property website.

Downloadable: By using a single-property website that is downloadable, like the new Urbanimmersive 3D Pocket Website. By downloading the website to a USB drive, agents gain a modern and tangible way to provide the sellers with a branded souvenir of their property.

Easy To Navigate: Not only does it need to look beautiful, but it also needs to be easy for buyers to get around. Of course, this also means that the site needs to be mobile-friendly since the majority of buyers will be searching for homes from there phones or tablets. 

The Easiest Way To Create 3D Single-Property Websites

Urbanimmersive is now proud to offer 3D Pocket Websites which are essentially downloadable 3D single-property websites. Not only are these easy SWPs immersive, engaging, user-friendly, and indexable, but they are the first of their kind to be downloadable. The best part? You won’t have to pay for any monthly fees. You can also learn more about how these cutting-edge new websites here. 



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