What is 3D Video Fusion?

Date Online: 2023-11-01

3D Video Fusion is essentially a fusion of 360-degree videos with advanced 3D navigation capabilities. This technology allows viewers to explore 360-degree videos in the same interactive manner they would with standard 3D digital twins. Instead of relying on a video timeline to locate specific scenes, users can freely navigate in a 3D space within the video. This immersive experience grants the ability to jump to specific spatial locations within the 3D tour, offering a new perspective and field of sight within the 360 video.

Enhancing Navigation with Text-To-Map

A significant innovation within 3D Video Fusion is its Text-To-Map navigation capability. By converting the 360-video's audio track into text, and then using AI to transform this text into geo-located, multi-lingual captions, the technology allows users to interactively jump directly to specific locations in the 3D tour and 2D map where certain phrases are mentioned. This feature significantly enhances the utility and interactivity for stakeholders.

Transforming Real Estate Marketing and Beyond

Urbanimmersive's 3D VF (3D Video Fusion) is poised to revolutionize not just real estate marketing but also areas such as home inspections and business showcases. It offers a more engaging and richer visual presentation of spaces, becoming an essential tool for professionals aiming to enhance their property showcasing and marketing strategies. In real estate, 3D VF introduces a novel method of displaying properties, combining a 3D tour, 360-video, and a 2D floor plan in a seamless experience. Real estate agents can easily create these detailed and interactive presentations using just a standard 360-video camera.

Simple Recording Process and Extensive Applications

The process to create a 3D VF is straightforward; agents capture the property using a 360-video camera and upload the footage to Urbanimmersive’s server. In return, they receive a comprehensive Digital Twin 360-Video Fusion and a 2D Floor Plan, which significantly elevates the standard of property presentations and offers an unparalleled value in the market.

In applications such as home inspections, professionals can use the system to search for specific terms like "concrete cracks," and the system provides a list of instances where these terms are mentioned. Users can then click and be instantly transported to the corresponding 3D locations within the digital twin.

Conclusion: Embracing the Future with 3D Video Fusion

As the real estate industry evolves, adopting technologies like Urbanimmersive's 3D Video Fusion is essential for staying competitive. 3D VF offers an immersive, detailed, and interactive viewing experience, empowering real estate professionals to showcase properties innovatively and effectively.



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