How to Use the Prime 3D tour

Date Online: 2022-11-24

Learn how to navigate the Prime 3D Tour

The 3D Tour (which is a part of the Prime package), is an incredible tool for marketing your listing. Through our 3D technology, buyers are able to virtually tour every inch of a listing without ever stepping foot in the property. Additionally, the 3D tour is incredibly user-friendly, allowing buyers to quickly and easily use the tour on mobile or desktop. 

To learn how to navigate within the 3D tour, plus use all the valuable features (like the measurement tool, mini map etc.), check out the tutorial below. 

Tutorial Video:

How to use navigation:

You can navigate within your 3D tour by clicking the direction you want to go. If you would like to change direction, or look up/down click your mouse and hold, then drag the direction you want to turn. 

You can also navigate the 3D tour using the Mini Map feature. To do this, simply click on a dot in the room you want to go into and you will be transported to the room. 

3D Tour tools: 

On the bottom right of the 3D tour, you can access additional tools. These tools include:

  • Mini map
  • Dollhouse view
  • Screenshot
  • Measurement tool

For any assistance with navigating your 3D tour, please contact us at 833-643-0445 or 

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