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Date Online: 2022-11-25

Your Prime membership automatically adds a 3D Tour to each of your photography orders.

Members of Prime automatically receive exclusive Prime products with every photo shoot order. The Prime products include 3D Tours, 2D Floor Plans, Single Property Websites, Fliers, and UiMeet3D. Below you can learn more about the Prime 3D Tour. 

Did you know that nearly 80% of buyers would like to use a 3D tour when searching for a home? Learn more about why Realtors should use 3D Tours on all of their listings. Read the blog post here. 

About the Prime 3D Tour

Our 3D tour gives buyers the ability to virtually tour every inch of a listing without ever stepping foot in the property. That means a buyer's first and last visit to the property will be likely be virtual because they will first tour the property online, then actually visit the home, and then confirm their interest by going to back to the 3D tour (check out all of the benefits that virtual visits provide!)

Users are able to easily tour the home by clicking on the circles shown in the 3D tour (these are the spots the camera has scanned the home). When you click on a circle, you will seamlessly glide to the spot you clicked. You will also be able to turn around in a full 360 circle to view the surroundings in every direction.  On the top left of the 3D tour, you can open up a "mini map" (as seen in the example below) which allows you to easily see where they are inside the home. You can also use the "mini map" to navigate to other rooms, by click on the spot you'd like to jump to. 

Example view inside a 3D Tour:

Unique Features of the 3D Tour

Our 3D tour comes with a number of powerful features that are unique to the our in-house 3D technology:

  1. Measuring Tool: The measuring tool (the ruler button, as seen on the bottom right corner of the tour) allows users to measure the dimensions of any item or surface within the tour. For example, if you'd like to know the size of a window as you are virtually touring a property, you can click the ruler tool and get the exact measurements instantly.
  2. Screenshoot Tool: The screenshot tool (the camera button, as seen on the bottom right corner of the tour) allows users to take a quick screenshot. This is a great tool if buyers want to remember a specific feature, or download a specific view to email to a family member.
  3. Exterior views: Not only does the 3D tour allow users to navigate seamlessly through the interior of a listing, but the 3D technology also lets users "go outside" of the listing (unlike most 3D tour competitors)! This powerful technology gives buyers the ability to immerse themselves in the backyard (like in the example below), and is a great tool for properties with unique exterior features. Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 1-41-35 PM-png
  4. Dollhouse View: The 3D Tour also includes a doll house view at no additional charge. The dollhouse is like a 3D floor plan that gives buyers an overview of the layout of the property in 3D form. See the example below.IMOTO 3d tour-png

Benefits of Using the  3D Tour:

The benefits of adding 3D Tours to listings are numerous. Here are a few that we think are most compelling:

  • Listing agents will be able to pre-qualify potential buyers by taking them on a guided, interactive virtual tour of the listing first. Then, only truly interested buyers will tour the property in person. This saves agents a significant amount of time! 
  • More virtual showings means that there will be less foot traffic in the home. This is a huge benefits to homeowners who do not want to be bothered with countless showings and open houses. Plus - the house is open online 24/7!
  • Companies who embrace 3D tours and encourage their agents to have 3D tours on all of their listings will create their own company "metaverse" whereby all of the company's listings can be toured online, thus encouraging more intra-office sales.
  • Agents will win more listings because homeowners love the idea of less traffic and a 24/7 online open house. Agents will also get busier as a result of lead capture built into the 3D tours themselves.
  • Our 3D tours are built with UiMeet3D technology - allowing agents to interact with people touring the home. Using UiMeet3D allows agents to utilize the personalization and feedback of an in-person listing tour, while also taking advantage the incredible conveniences of virtual reality.

To learn how to use the 3D Tour, check out this tutorial. 

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