The Reasons Why Real Estate Brokers Shouldn't Use Internet Explorer Anymore

Date Online: 2018-04-03

Developed by Microsoft and preinstalled on Windows computers, Internet Explorer has fallen into disuse since its arrival on the market years ago.

Browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox are more popular than ever now. But why this sharp decline in popularity?

Let’s see why you should consign Internet Explorer to oblivion too. Indeed, this browser could affect your efficiency as a real estate broker.

Dangerous Security Flaws

In 2015, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer would be discontinued for the benefit of its new browser, Microsoft Edge. But because Edge can only run on Windows 10 and Xbox One, Internet Explorer is still in effect on earlier Windows versions, but no longer updated. With no new security patches, Internet Explorer is, therefore, more vulnerable than ever, and hackers are washing their hands on the matter.

Every time you use Internet Explorer, you risk infecting your computer with a virus, having your identity stolen or disclose confidential information about your clients. It’s just not worth it.

Web Pages Displayed Improperly

Because Internet Explorer took a lot of freedom with the guidelines established by the World Wide Web Consortium, web pages often look completely different from other browsers when displayed on Internet Explorer. This is a long-standing issue, but, because Microsoft preinstalled it on Windows computers for such a long time, Internet Explorer managed to thrive. Most users were unaware that there was more than only one browser on the market, and some ignore it to this day.

Nowadays, Internet Explorer can’t properly decipher the coding and data from some websites anymore. If a page looks cluttered or can’t be displayed, try again with another browser: It will probably work then. Why take the risk of having your property listings displayed improperly?

Thus, if you develop your own real estate website, there is no point in following compatibility requirements with Internet Explorer. Not only will you be limited in your choice of plug-ins and design, but since Internet Explorer is no longer updated, thanks to the arrival of Microsoft Edge, it won’t be long before it can’t even decipher the content anymore!


Fewer Features

The most popular browsers have great features and applications. Google Chrome, for example, has its own app store and an integrated translation tool; moreover, when you open a new tab, it displays the most visited sites, granting you quick access. In short, for a real estate broker, a more reliable browser would be a huge time-saver. 

For its part, Internet Explorer does not even offer simple features as data synchronization between different devices or automatic filling. And, unlike Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Safari, Internet Explorer does not feature Cloud computing, an amazing online service for real estate brokers. Cloud allows you to back up data (thus, even if your computer breaks, you will be able to recover it) and share it with your clients and service providers.

Internet Explorer Is Slow

Very slow, actually. Not just when opening a page, but when starting as well. But why? Some argue that the browser uses too many add-ons, such as toolbars and BHO, and that the browser history gets saturated in no time. How long does it take you to download your real estate's photographer's photos? How long do your clients have to wait for the Internet to start on your computer? Try any other browser and you will notice an improvement!

Fewer and Fewer People Use It

The slow death of Internet Explorer means that companies you are dealing with have probably designed and propelled their services with another browser. Statistically, your customers are also probably using Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Thus, your Internet experience is likely not compatible with that of your service providers and your customers. With Internet Explorer, you cannot benefit fully from the services offered by your real estate photographer, for example, or Urbanimmersive's real estate content marketing platform.

To get a better idea, remember that Internet Explorer simply does not exist on macOS, iOS, Linux and Android platforms. Actually, most people 45 years and younger believe that Internet Explorer is completely outdated. As a real estate broker, you probably want to project the image of someone who is aware of the most recent tools and stakes of real estate marketing 

The only valid reason for using Internet Explorer would be if your corporate software relies on old technologies like Java, Flash or ActiveX. Talk with your programmer to see where you stand and how you could move on to a better browser. Otherwise, there is no reason to stick to Internet Explorer, whose past glory is just a memory.




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