Make Your Life Easier by Finding the Right Online Ordering System

Date Online: 2019-05-17

Usually, an online ordering system helps your business's growth and hopefully makes your life easier.

Truth be told, too many real estate photographers choose inadequate online ordering systems for their website, and unfortunately, the frustration that it causes leads them to think that it will be simpler not to have one. However, what if they had chosen the right one at first?

Here are five keys to help you find the right online ordering system.

Automated Scheduling

Being able to book an appointment online and see real-time availability with a step by step ordering process is the first key to have in mind when the time comes to choose an online ordering system. Real estate agents' schedules differ from that of their photographers, and they will surely appreciate such an effective booking system. In addition, it's important to provide an ordering system that is mobile friendly. It will be easier for your clients to book an appointment using their phones or tablet in the presence of their clients, and help improve the level of their professionalism.

Automated Reminders

Nothing is more important than excellent communication, especially when it allows you to skip endless back and forth calls. Find a booking system that provides automatic reminders that are sent by SMS, or email, to notify real estate agents and their clients about upcoming appointments or changes to the schedule.

Automated Invoicing System

Most photographers know how time-consuming and tedious invoicing their clients can be. An automated invoicing system enables you to quickly invoice, collect a payment, and monitor the status of your receivables. You will gain productivity while removing the pain point of a humdrum task in your day.

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Online Payment System

Running after receivables is never a fun thing to do. The best way to cut down processing and admin time is to have an online payment system via PayPal, Stripe, credit card, or other payment options. Simplicity at its best!

Calendar Integration

The last feature that you should consider looking for is undoubtedly a calendar integration that will sync your appointments (or your employee's appointments) with your Gmail, Outlook, or iCal appointments. That way, you'll be able to have a view of what your day will be in a single look. 

Photographers work very hard to build their clientele, and their goal is to have more clients. Without the right tools, even if you're the best real estate photographer in the area, you'll quickly find yourself in an unproductive business situation. An online ordering system is a game-changing asset.

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