Launch of the UI Capture App !

Date Online: 2020-12-03

We are pleased to announce the launch of our UI Capture App for iOS and Android. The App was already available on Google Play Store and is now also available on App Store. 


TheUI Capture App for iOS and Android aims at simplifying and standardizing 3D tours visual content capture processes and post-production. Tested by a group of photographers, the App has clearly shown to standardize visual content quality, save onsite and post-production time. 


The App connects to your 360 cameras and by only using a one-click button, automatically takes charge of controlling all the parameters required to create the perfect set of exposures required for HDR. Amongst other things, the App set the Kelvin value using the lowest ISO possible while making sure not changing the Aperture value that affects HDR alignment frames and perspective change zoom effects.


You will find on our website all the necessary tools explaining to you how our UI Capture App works :


The first release of UI Capture is compatible with Ricoh Theta Z1, considered the most popular 360 camera on the market, and we intend to add other 360 cameras. We have already started working on new features that will continue to improve your productivity.


After trying the UI Capture app, please let us know what you think of it.


Your feedback helps make us better!



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