Exploring America's Living Spaces: A Comparative Look at Home Sizes Across the States and Cities

Date Online: 2023-12-14

As we analyze the floor plan data, it's fascinating to compile national average square footage reports. The variations mirror the diversity of the nation itself. In states like Utah and Colorado, average home sizes are notably larger. Utah, leading the way, boasts an impressive average of 5,806 square feet. This reflects a preference for spacious living areas, possibly due to its lower population density and an appreciation for open spaces.

In contrast, the bustling state of New York shows an average home size of 3,434 square feet, which drops to 1,868 square feet in densely populated New York City. This difference highlights the premium placed on space in densely packed urban areas.

At the city level, Las Vegas, Nevada, averages 3,073 square feet per home, accommodating the city’s flair for entertainment. Conversely, Hartford, Connecticut, surprises with an average of 4,606 square feet, challenging preconceptions about older cities having smaller homes.



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