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So that after 15 years of R&D and hard work, scanning an entire home in less than 5 minutes and delivering a complete 3D tour, dollhouse view, interactive map, and detailed floor plan to your clients is now a reality and this at

1 cent
(per sqft)

Calling all techno-driven and passionate real estate photographers! At Urbanimmersive, our vision is crystal clear: every property deserves an immersive 3D tour. As the real estate photography business is transforming into a high-volume, technology-driven industry, the only way to achieve our vision is through operational excellence and cost-effective 3D technologies.

We have turned this vision into reality for our members by providing them with the most comprehensive business management solutions and cost-effective tools for feature-rich 3D tours.

Urbanimmersive Franchise

Experience Flexibility: No Contracts, No Monthly Fees, and No User Limitations

The monthly subscription model often includes limitations or features you don't necessarily need. Since our establishment, we have always favored the Pay-Per-Use approach. With this method, you pay solely for what you use, which is particularly suitable for the fluctuating demands of seasonal businesses like real estate photography. We only earn when you're actively engaged in shooting. This drives us to provide the finest real estate photography platform available.

Include Price
3D Video Fusion 3D Video Fusion is generated from several 360-videos, requiring at least one video per floor. Pricing is based on 10-minute blocks. For example, if you have three 8-minute videos for a single project, you will be billed for three 10-minute blocks.

This cost does not include the floor plan, which is available as an additional option. Pricing for the floor plan can be found in the provided pricing table.

You can download your 3D Video Fusion for free and choose to host it indefinitely on your own web server or use it offline. If you prefer, Urbanimmersive can manage the hosting and streaming of the video, utilizing our high-speed global image distribution infrastructure. This service is available with the purchase of a 3D Pocket Website or a Single Property Website. Both options include 12 months of hosting and offer added value for your clients.
per 10-min blocks
3D Tour
& 2D Floor Plan

Urbanimmersive's 3D tours transcend the simple act of transitioning between 360 panoramas; they offer a truly immersive three-dimensional experience that rivals even the most renowned 3D brands. Our cutting-edge capture app is meticulously crafted for swift scanning and is totally integrated to our Business Management Solution. With innovative features like UiMeet3D's avatar video conferencing and a seamlessly integrated floor plan editor, our 3D tours cater to the demands of the high-volume real estate industry.

  • 3D immersive tour
  • Enriched 2D floor plan
  • Integrated interactive floor plan in 3D tour
  • Dollhouse
  • Bird's eyeview floor plan (Dollhouse in the minimap)
  • Guaranteed 24-hour delivery or it's free
  • Free download for offline usage and/or web server integration

Our iOS and Android Capture App, UiCapture, offers users two distinct scanning options:

  1. HDR 360 Image Scan with Visual Content Recognition: This option employs HDR 360 images combined with visual content recognition for accurate scan positioning. The result is high-quality 3D tour images. This option is also particularly suitable for very large spaces.
  2. Video Recording Scan: The second option relies on video recording and stands as the fastest scanning method available. This enables photographers to efficiently scan a 2000 sqft area in under 5 minutes and provide both floor plan and a 3D tour. While the 3D tour images produced through this method have slightly reduced resolution, they still remain suitable for agents who prioritize floor plans over intricate 3D tours.

By downloading your 3D tour for free, you have the option to host it on your own web server indefinitely or use it offline. If you'd like Urbanimmersive to handle the hosting and also take advantage of our high-speed global image distribution infrastructure, you can easily achieve this by purchasing either a 3D Pocket Website or a Single Property Website. Both options include 12 months of continuous hosting and offer additional value for your clients. This choice also grants your clients access to UiMeet3D, a feature that enables 3D avatar video conferencing.

1 cent
per sqft
3D Pocket WebsiteTM

3D Pocket Websites are specifically crafted to seamlessly complement and enhance our immersive 3D tours and floor plans. These specialized websites are ingeniously built around the 3D tour itself, creating a symbiotic relationship between content and 3D presentation. Due to this deep integration, Pocket Websites are available exclusively when purchasing our 3D.

  • 12 months of continuous hosting
  • Select between 6 templates
  • Customizable colors and fonts
  • Weekly email traffic statistics
  • Lead generation form
  • Automatic floor plan, video and photo integration
  • Personalized custom URL
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • IDX Integration*
  • Premium neighborhood information, now available as an optional feature
  • $7
    with Premium neighborhood information
    without Premium neighborhood information
    Single Property Website

    Our Single Property Websites are recognized as some of the best in the industry. With limitless customization options and automation, they enable you to please even your most demanding clients. Deliver photos, videos, flyers, and any embedded media for a comprehensive experience

    • 12 months of continuous hosting
    • Select between 9 templates
    • Customizable colors and fonts
    • Weekly email traffic statistics
    • Lead generation form
    • Automatic 3D, floor plan, video and photo integration
    • Automatic flyer creation
    • Photo AI assist room naming
    • Third party media URL
    • Personalized custom URL
    • Mobile-responsive design
    • IDX integration*
  • Premium neighborhood information, now available as an optional feature
  • $12
    with Premium neighborhood information
    without Premium neighborhood information
    Video Slideshow
    Branded and unbranded
    (2 versions)
    One-click video slideshow delivers branded and unbranded versions of the single property or the 3D Pocket Website™ in video (.mp4) format. Background music, narration tracks, and video slideshow settings are all preserved in the video format. Videos are approximately 5 minutes long with some media at the end of the tour that may be skipped. Additionally, videos can now be automatically pushed to your client YouTube channel. $3 per video
    $5 for both versions (branded and unbranded)
    Media Content
    Delivery Page

    With the right tools, the process of delivering your real estate photographs will become a part of your brand. Your real estate agents will find, in one easy to use delivery page, all visual content formats and sizes they need to post on their different platforms.

    • Compliance with US & Canada video and image size standards
    • User-friendly download page
    • Download options for small, large, and print-quality files
    • Efficient support for large video files
    • Integration of third-party media URLs
    • No download limits
    • No storage limits
    • IDX integration*

    Embedded seamlessly within our business solution comprehensive workflow, Urbanimmersive's photo-editing services stand out as some of the finest, offering remarkable flexibility, speed, and comprehensiveness in the market.

    • HDR 3 to 5 bracket merging
    • White balance correction
    • Exposure adjustment
    • Shadow and highlight adjustments
    • Contrast adjustment
    • Brightness adjustment
    • Saturation adjustment
    • Lens correction
    • Vignetting removal
    • Color cast reduction
    • Removal of camera and tripod reflections
    • Removal of sensor spots
    • Glare and reflection reduction
    • Blue sky replacement for exterior shots
    • Final sharpening
    • Straightening of horizontal and vertical lines
    • Noise reduction
    • Chromatic aberration removal

    Additionally, our services include:

    • Enhancement of grass (without replacement)
    • Blurring of human faces, license plates, and real estate signs
    • Insertion of images into TV and computer screens
    • Insertion of fire in fireplaces
    • Virtual Staging
    • Twilight
    Custom pricing based on your specific photo editing requirements also available.
    Photo Book Print

    Urbanimmersive operates its own print operation in Chantilly, providing a fully integrated print-on-demand service with cost-effective pricing. Offering photo books is an excellent strategy for upselling your services and distinguishing yourself from the competition.

    • Compact size: 8 X 8 inches
    • Glossy coating for a polished finish
    • Premium quality thick paper
    • Seamless inclusion of automatic floor plan at the end
    • Effortless integration of automatic agent branding
    • Revision system to facilitate client approval
    • Professionally presented: Wrapped in plastic and delivered in a custom box

    Photo Book Prints are tangible products offered by Urbanimmersive that you can provide through your online step-by-step ordering form. Except for franchisees, if your clients order a photo book, they will be invoiced by Urbanimmersive, and we will then provide you with a commission from the sale.

    Receive 25% commission
    excluding shipping cost

    *Urbanimmersive develops IDX integration with an expanding array of MLS organizations, streamlining the data capture and real-time updates for 3D Pocket Websites and Single Property Websites and content upload on MLS. Whenever accessible, IDX services are seamlessly included in the pricing.

    **Prices in USD

    Business Management Solution

    Include Price

    Our Business Management Solution offers an invoicing system that is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and powerful in the industry, catering to both service-based charges and tangible product sales. Trusted by solo photographers and large multi-photographer businesses across the US and Canada, it equips you to adapt your invoicing processes to any situation or requirement. Your clients will conveniently access their invoice history within their profiles, simplifying retrieval, payment, and purchase management.

    • Branded invoices for a professional touch
    • Secure online payment processing
    • Creation of custom promotional codes
    • Ransom feature: Content access upon payment
    • Automatic generation of descriptions and addresses based on ordered services
    • Credit line and monthly statements system
    • Management of partial payments and deposits
    • Effortless quote creation, easily converted into invoices
    • Customized monthly automated invoicing packages
    • Compliance with US and Canada taxes for intangible and tangible products and services
    • Automatic application of special pricing
    • Facilitated bulk payments for brokers
    • Options for payment required on order or upon delivery
    • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
    of each invoice
    Online Ordering
    & Scheduling

    Every business has its unique approach to order acceptance and scheduling, which is why our Business Management Solution offers two distinct online ordering system options. You can opt for a straightforward, customizable one-page form or the step-by-step ordering system, both of which can be seamlessly embedded on your website.

    Choose from 2 Options:

    • Customizable one-page online form
    • Step-by-step online ordering

    When utilizing the step-by-step ordering option, you gain the advantage of automated features, including:

    • Automatic scheduling optimization
    • Bi-directional synchronization with Google Calendar
    • Availability based on service geographical zones
    • Calculation and application of travel fees
    • Calculation of on-site service duration
    • Guaranteed hour option
    per order generated online
    Appointments Route Optimization

    Experience our Appointments Route Optimization feature, designed to create the most efficient appointment sequences based on addresses. It streamlines travel time, allowing you to maximize your daily shoots. Powered by the Google API, this feature presents you with the most optimal choices, resulting in substantial time and cost savings. The feature considers certain limitations, such as retaining morning shoots in the morning and avoiding changes exceeding 2 hours for an appointment. Upon accepting the suggested route, the feature automatically generates email notifications for your photographer, client, and homeowner—ensuring everyone is informed of the modifications, if desired.

    per route calculation

    Payroll Management

    Include Price
    Photographer Payroll

    The way you compensate your photographers plays a crucial role in defining your recipe for success. Our photographer payroll system is meticulously designed to seamlessly automate all rate agreements you have with your staff.

    • Highly customizable rate grid tailored to each photographer
    • Automated and/or manual approval for payouts
    • Capability to adjust payouts and refund expenses
    • Efficient calculation of travel fees
    • Automated payouts per type of photos, video
    • Automated payouts for 3D tours, based on panos or square footage
    • Integrated comments/notes channel
    • Convenient payroll accessibility within photographers' panel
    per photographer period paid
    Sale Representatives

    Our Business Management Solution features a seamlessly integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, empowering you to monitor the activities of your sales representatives and establish dynamic compensation structures. Given the seasonal nature of the real estate industry, there will be times when you aim to incentivize business development through activities, and other times when a commission-based approach is preferable or both. Regardless of the scenario, our fully integrated CRM equips you with the necessary tools and reporting capabilities to fairly compensate your sales representatives, aligning with flexible objectives and rates.

    • Client ownership management
    • In-house account oversight
    • Client segmentation for targeted engagement
    • Proactive tracking of sales activities
    • Automated follow-up reminders for required actions
    • Weighing points system to evaluate activity performance
    • Automated calculation of sales commissions for sales, new clients, and new subscriptions
    • Customizable sales and activity objectives for each sales representative
    • Comprehensive sales statistics and reporting
    per proactive reach saved activity

    Marketing Solution

    Make new clients. Receive orders from Urbanimmersive Marketplaces.

    Include Price
    eMail Marketing Campaigns

    Our Business Management Solution comes equipped with its own email marketing campaign system, offering seamless integration and effortless accessibility to enhance your client relationship management.

    • eMail marketing template creation wizard
    • Pre-defined client groups for various campaigns
    • Track opening statistics
    • Traceability (identify who opened the email)
    • Automate actions for specific campaigns
    • Automated eMail retargeting groups
    • Unsubscribe list management
    • Utilize trusted email server IP for optimal opening rates
    per email sent
    Automatic Marketing emails

    The Automatic Marketing Emails feature empowers you to send emails to your clients based on various actions or events. It stands as the prime avenue to streamline your marketing efforts and ensure consistent communication with your clients. The range of available automations includes without being limited to:

    • Clients who have just placed their first order
    • Clients who have reached a certain number of orders (X)
    • Clients who haven't placed an order in the last X days
    • Clients who initiated but did not complete an online order
    • Clients who began but did not finalize an online order
    • Clients who have recently visited a specific URL (applicable when using a website provided by Urbanimmersive)
    per email sent automatically

    Urbanimmersive operates marketplaces through which you can receive orders from new clients. To be eligible for inclusion on these marketplaces, you must utilize the step-by-step online ordering form, our invoicing feature and offer our 3D tours. Any user placing an order with you becomes your client.It is incumbent upon you to ensure that your clients place their next service orders either through your website or directly with you, thereby avoiding commissions linked to orders generated from our marketplaces.


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    For whom is the Urbanimmersive solutions and network of photographers designed?

    While the Urbanimmersive solutions and Marketplace of real estate photographer network is open to all entrepreneurs, it is primarily designed for existing real estate photography businesses looking to increase their margins, competitiveness, and market reach. We are actively seeking photographers who share our vision that every listing should have a 3D tour and a floor plan. By joining the Urbanimmersive network, these businesses can not only benefit from our technology, support, and established brand presence but also align themselves with a community of like-minded professionals dedicated to delivering immersive experiences in the real estate industry. Together, we can enhance their own success and revolutionize the way properties are showcased.

    How can I start creating 3D tours?

    To start creating 3D tours, you must first sign up on the urbanimmersive. The sign-up process involves creating a photographer profile and getting your profile approved. Once your profile is approved, you need to download the UiCapture App (available on iOS or Android) and use your profile credentials to access and utilize the app.

    Why is account approval required for new sign-ups?

    Since we offer your first 10,000 sqft of 3D processing for free, we want to ensure that every new account belongs to genuine photographers who are genuinely interested in utilizing our system.

    How long does it take to get my profile approved?

    During our regular working hours, the approval process typically takes just a few minutes after your submission. Outside of our regular working hours, the average processing time is around 8 hours.

    How do I claim my 10,000 free 3D sqft processing?

    To secure your initial 10,000 sqft of free processing, you need to create a photographer profile account. Our network exclusively caters to real estate photographers, so ensure you provide essential details, including samples from your real estate photography portfolio. Our team will carefully review your profile, assess your portfolio, and ascertain the geographical areas you cover to avoid any potential conflicts with existing members.

    Upon the approval of your application, you will receive a notification confirming your eligibility for the free 10,000 sqft 3D processing. Additionally, we'll reach out to schedule a complimentary onboarding session, designed to help you leverage the full potential of our platform.

    How many projects can I scan with a 10,000 sqft free processing limit?

    The number of projects you can scan depends on the size of the homes you will be scanning. Here are a couple of scenarios to help you understand: 1. If each home has an average size of 1,000 sqft, you will be able to deliver up to 10 projects within the 10,000 sqft processing limit. 2. If you have two homes, each with a size of 5,000 sqft, you will only be able to scan two projects due to the larger floor area. Please note that the total square footage includes all floors, including basements. Exterior walkthroughs do not count towards the total square footage calculation. Please keep in mind that these are general examples and the actual number of projects you can scan may vary based on the specific square footage of each home.

    What happens if a new project requires both free and billed sqft processing to be delivered?

    If one of your projects utilizes all of your remaining free square footage processing and requires additional square footage to be completed, only the portion above your free limit will be subject to charges in your platform fees. Let's illustrate this with an example:

    Let's say you have a new project that requires 120 square feet of processing in total and you still have 100 sqft left. In this case, the first 100 square feet will be covered by your free allocation, and only the remaining 20 square feet will be charged at the applicable rate. Your platform fees will reflect the charges for the additional 20 square feet of processing required to complete the project.

    How long are 3D Pocket Website and Single Property Websites active?

    3D Pocket Websites and Single Property Websites remain active (hosted) for a continuous period of 12 months. Once this duration elapses, clients have the option to extend their website's activity on the web by purchasing a new single property website.

    How long are 3D tours hosted?

    By default, we do not provide hosting services for 3D tours. You have the option to download your 3D tour along with all the necessary files to seamlessly integrate it into your own web server. However, if you wish to leverage Urbanimmersive's hosting capabilities and take advantage of our efficient global image distribution infrastructure, you can easily do so by opting for either a 3D Pocket Website or a Single Property Website. Both of these choices come with a full year of continuous hosting, providing additional value for your clients. Additionally, this selection grants your clients access to UiMeet3D, a feature that facilitates 3D avatar video conferencing.

    What is the difference between Urbanimmersive's standard 3D tour and 3D tour in video resolution?

    Our scanning App (Ui Capture) allows you to create two types of 3D tours. The first option utilizes HDR 360 photos to produce the 3D tour, while the second option involves creating a 3D tour from a video recording. Both options provide the same floor plan quality.

    The advantage of the latter method (from video recording) is faster scanning, although it does result in a 3D tour with lower image resolution. This option is ideal for clients who prioritize the floor plan and view 3D tours primarily as a reference.

    It's important to note that video resolutions for 360 cameras are continuously improving. In the near future, creating 3D tours from video recordings will yield images of comparable quality to those created from HDR photos.

    What if my client only wants a floor plan?

    If your client is only interested in a floor plan and doesn't really care about the 3D tour, we recommend using the Minute Floor Plan option with the UiCapture App to expedite your scanning process. Upload the floor plan images and disregard the default 3D tour delivery with. When only looking for a floor plan, you don't need to download the 3D tour or purchase a single property website if you intend to use Urbanimmersive's hosting services.

    What if my clients love and are used to Matterport?

    If your clients are accustomed to and have a preference for Matterport, we understand the importance of meeting their expectations. However, we have seen numerous instances where our members, who primarily serve high-end agents, had clients who initially favored Matterport. Yet, once they experienced Urbanimmersive's 3D tours, interactive floor plans, UiMeet3D, and other integrated features, they made the switch and fell in love with the Urbanimmersive experience. In fact, HomeVisit Photography Agency, serving high-end markets, successfully transitioned 99% of their clients from Matterport to Urbanimmersive in less than 3 months.

    Our platform offers exceptional quality and immersive experiences that not only rival but also surpass competitive technologies, all while remaining perfectly suited for their intended purpose. By switching to Urbanimmersive's 3D tours and floor plans, you can liberate yourself from the monthly hostage business model imposed by other platforms as unlike those platforms, we do not deactivate your 3D tours even if you stop your monthly plan. Your tours are hosted and active for 12 consecutive months, providing continuous accessibility to your clients.

    Moreover, our efficient scanning process allows you to complete more shoots in a day, thereby maximizing your productivity. With our all-integrated workflow, you can streamline your operations and make your services more competitive in the market, all while maintaining healthy profit margins. Join Urbanimmersive today and unlock a world of enhanced possibilities for your real estate photography business.

    Is scanning an Urbanimmersive's Minute Floor Plan as fast and precise as Cubicasa?

    Yes, indeed. The Minute Floor Plan scanning process is even faster when capturing a floor plan alone, as there is no need to hide yourself from the 360 camera. In terms of precision, our floor plans are just as accurate as those produced by Cubicasa's video recording. Additionally, our calibration feature and camera height stability ensure consistent results and precise benchmarking when needed.

    It's important to note that regardless of whether the scan is for a floor plan only, we provide complete 3D tour as visual references. This means that if you have any doubts about the location or size of a door, window, or any other element, you can easily refer back to the 3D tour for clarification and if required, corrections to the floor plan can be done instantly from the 3D tour.

    Is there a size limit for floor plans, or can they be larger than 25,000 sqft?

    Urbanimmersive's floor plans are not limited to 25,000 sqft. Many of our members scan large environments, such as schools spanning over 350,000 sqft, and are able to provide highly accurate floor plans. However, it is recommended to use the standard 3D tour for scanning large environments, as the video recording 3D tours can generate very large files that can be difficult to handle.

    What is print services offered by Urbanimmersive?

    Urbanimmersive operates a cutting-edge printing service located in Chantilly, within the Northern Virginia region of the Washington metropolitan area. We offer turn-key personalized printed marketing packages that our members can provide to their clients.

    One example of our print service is the Photo Book Bundle, which features a sleek and high-quality 8x8 book containing all your photos and floor plans.

    Our ePrint services enable the creation of custom flyers tailored to your specific needs.

    Additionally, to simplify the complex tax remittance process associated with selling tangible products in the United States and Canada, Urbanimmersive handles the invoicing of printed products and shipping to your clients. This ensures that you do not have to navigate the complexities of tax remittance to each state or province.

    In addition to the convenience and quality of our print services, we also provide a simple and effective way for photographers to increase their revenue. Urbanimmersive offers a kickback commission to photographers, allowing them to earn a percentage of the sales made through our print services. This provides an opportunity for photographers to monetize their services and benefit from the partnership with Urbanimmersive.

    Furthermore, by leveraging our print services and the commission structure, photographers can enhance their offering to clients, provide professional marketing materials, and generate additional income.

    What exactly is the urbanimmersive marketplace?

    The marketplace is a centralized booking solution provided by Urbanimmersive that is fully synchronized with the booking and invoicing operations of our network members. It allows to receive orders from new clients and serves as a platform to generate new business opportunities while showcasing their own brand. The urbanimmersive marketplace offers a good way to promote your business and maintain control over your brand.

    As our membership continues to grow, we anticipate that the Urbanimmersive marketplace(s) will gain increased exposure and, in turn, generate even more business opportunities. This is a good place to be!

    Are we required to use Urbanimmersive Business Management Solution to be listed on the Marketplace (invoicing, scheduling, etc...)?

    Only Affiliate & Franchise Members are required to use our ERP. By requiring them to utilize our comprehensive Photographer Enterprise Resource Planning (PERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, we can provide large brands with a centralized ordering system that offers a consistent experience, including scheduling, invoicing, and payments. Guest and other Members can choose whether or not to use these systems.

    What are the integration members benefiting from Urbanimmersive partnership with Corelogic?

    It is publicly known that Corelogic holds a significant ownership stake in Urbanimmersive. This situation enables a streamlined communication channel between the two companies, leading to seamless integration opportunities. An example of this is our IDX integration with several MLS systems, thanks to Corelogic's leading industry position within the MLS organizations. As our network of photographers continues to grow, we can expect that the collaboration between both companies will result in new technology integrations, expanded business opportunities, and innovative solutions.

    Thank you for taking the time to explore the exciting opportunity of becoming an Urbanimmersive tech-powered real estate photographer network member. We are committed to helping our members succeed and thrive in the competitive real estate photography industry. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss the possibility of joining our growing network, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is always available to provide the information and support you need to make an informed decision. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can work together to achieve success. Contact us today to take the first step toward your bright future as an Urbanimmersive network member!