Add-On Videos: Social Media Video, Video Walkthrough, and 360 Video Walkthrough

Date Online: 2022-12-13

This article explains the differences between our 3 add-on video products.

IMOTO has 3 full-motion, add-on video products that are the perfect complements to an IMOTO photo shoot. Add-on videos are $99 and must be ordered with a photo shoot. They range from 1-2 minutes and include music, graphics, a downloadable mp4 file, and a Vimeo link.

1. Social Media Video

IMOTO's Social Media Video is a 1 minute video that features the highlights of the listing. The fast pace and engaging editing make this video perfect for hooking buyers on Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Video Example:

2. Video Walkthrough

IMOTO's Video Walkthrough is a 1-2 minute video that takes buyers on a tour of the listing. This video product lets buyers sit back, relax and tour the listing without taking a step inside!  

Video Walkthrough Example:

3. 360 Video Walkthrough 

IMOTO's 360 Video Walkthrough is a 1-2 minute immersive video that allows viewers to interact with the video as it plays. This engaging experience lets buyers take the reins as they tour the home - 100% virtually!

360 Video Walkthrough Example:


If you are looking for longer, more thorough video tours or drone videos, please check out our 3 Stand-Alone videos: Traditional Video, Drone Video, and Drone + Interior Video. The Stand-Alone videos can be ordered without a photo shoot and cost between $350-$500.

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