Stand-Alone Video Products: Traditional, Drone, and Drone + Interior

Date Online: 2022-12-13

This article explains the differences between our 3 Stand-Alone Video products.

Video products are soaring in popularity now more than ever. COVID-19 has changed the residential real estate market, and it has created the need for more contact-free solutions for buying and selling homes. Video products are an ideal way to show off a listing in a virtual manner. IMOTO has 6 video products to help Realtors advertise their listings: 3 Stand-alone videos and 3 Add-on Videos.

IMOTO's 3 premier video products can be ordered as stand-alone products (no photo shoot required). The products range from 2-5 minutes and cost between $350 and $500. All three of the stand-alone video products include music, graphics, a downloadable mp4 file, and a Vimeo link. 

1. Traditional Video

IMOTO’s Traditional Video is a 2-3 minute full-motion video, set to music. For $350, Realtors can show off the details of the home with this thorough video tour that brings the viewer on a complete tour of the listing. The video also includes engaging graphics that show the street address, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage. 

Traditional Video Example:

2. Drone Video 

IMOTO's Drone Video gives viewers a complete aerial experience. The video is a 2-3 minute full motion video, consisting entirely of drone footage. Set to music, the exterior features of the property are showcased through a bird's eye view. This $350 video is perfect for marketing properties with unique nearby amenities (i.e. lakes, parks, community pools) and for properties that have unique outdoor features (i.e. pools, land, interesting landscaping). 

Drone Video Example:

3. Drone + Interior Video

IMOTO's Drone + Interior Video combines the detailed interior tour of the Traditional Video with the extensive aerial tour of the Drone Video. This $500 video is the complete package for Realtors who are looking to hit a home run with their video marketing. Both buyers and sellers will be impressed with this thorough, luxurious 3-5 minute video tour!

Drone + Interior Video Example:


If you are looking for a more affordable video option to complement a photo shoot, check out our three add-on video products: Social Media Video, Video Walkthrough and 360 Video Walkthrough. Add-on videos range from 1-2 minutes and are only $99 (available only with the purchase of a photo shoot).

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