Immersive Slideshows Gallery

Selection of Archived Immersive Projects

Please note those immersive projects have been produced with a former version of our technology which was not integrating cylindrical panoramic views.

Immersive Slideshows can be produced with only 2 panoramics in the same room while some projects can contain multiple thousands of panoramics. Here is a selection of some of the best and most ambitious immersive slideshows produced from still pictures or drawings.

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Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu, La Malbaie

The immersive slideshows of Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu, La Malbaie (G7 site in 2018) is the largest project to date ever done with our technology. A team of 5 photographers has produced close of 5 000 panoramics. You have immersive slideshows of most of the places you can and can't visit!

Basilique Ste-Anne de Varennes

The immersive slideshow of the church is one of the largest and oldest projects done with our technology. A team of 2 photographers has produced a close of 1000 panoramics.

Shinjuku Chuo Park Tokyo

The immersive slideshow of Shinjuku Chuo Park Tokyo in Tokyo is still to date one of the largest publicly available project one ever done by 2 photographers. It contains more than 2000 panoramics.

Club Med Columbus isle

The immersive slideshow of Club Med Columbus Isle is the sunniest one ever done! :-) You can explore the condo and a part of the resort. It contains more than 300 panoramas using CGI.

Habitation KB Home Builder

Some home builders use immersive slideshows to showcase their future projects. This project is one of our favorite.

Luxury Yacht in Miami

Let's stay in the sunshine mood, this immersive slideshow of a luxury yacht in Miami shows that even in small spaces, it's possible to turn around your tripod! This project contains more than 700 panoramics. Note: It is an old project. We lost the full-size images. The full-screen mode is kind of blurry!

Bombardier Global Express Business Jet

While we're talking about luxury, why not seeing immersive slideshows of a Bombardier Global Express. The challenges of this project are definitely to make the 360˚ views for each pan. The space is tight!

Griffon Golf Field

Over the years, many photographers have produced immersive slideshows of golf fields. This project is one of the largest immersive slideshows of a golf field. Each of the 18 holes has an immersive slideshow.

Tourism Immersive Slideshows

Some photographers are producing immersive slideshows during their vacation time? Here some immersive slideshows proving it!

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