Immersive 3D Tour

The Most Complete And Cost-Effective 3D Tour Solution

You can now take advantage of the most complete and cost-effective immersive 3D tour solution on the market! Our 3D Tours are immersive virtual tours emulating real 3D environments using spherical images. The 3D tours can be easily captured with our UI Capture App and will be completed in less than 24 hours by our post-production team.

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Our App makes it easy and fast !

Connect the camera to your device and let our app do the rest.

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Make it your own

Customize your 3D tours directly in your Urbanimmersive Account.

Your Urbanimmersive Account

You can directly access all your tours inside your UI account. From there, all your tours are fully editable according to your needs. You can edit your floor plan, add some UiTags inside your environment to make it more interactive.

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Extract Beauty-Shots

You can extract a beauty-shot directly from the 3D tour. The icons and mini-map graphics will not appear in the still pictures. The image will the in png format, and you can choose between two image sizes : 1920 x 1080 or 1024 x 768.


In addition to our immersive 3D tours, we now offer a new virtual experience with our Dollhouses. They introduce a different perspective and a more in-depth look of the property. Our Dollhouse allows interaction in the 3D environment so that visitors can more clearly perceive the property’s dimensions.

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Floor Plan Measurement Tools

Use our easy-to-use integrated and precise (cm and/or inches) measurement tools to create floor plans or take advantage of our turnkey service to get one. *Measurements must be considered approximate.

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Enrich your 3D Tour With UiTags

Seize the opportunity to take your 3D tours to the next level with UiTags! We made it easy to embed almost anything in your tours such as text descriptions, websites, videos, audios, photos, animated images, and more. The possibilities are endless.


Easy to Use

You can always count on our navigation help tool to help you or your clients navigate in the immersive 3D tours.

Keyboard navigation keys can be used simultaneously to recreate a video game feeling.

Social Environment

Tired of visiting 3D tours alone? You can now bring your virtual tour to life by interacting directly with your visitors inside the space. You can start a private chat or a video conference to share comments with friends or to interact with clients.

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Interactive Mini Map

The floor plan will be integrated automatically in your 3D tour as a minimap, once purchased. You will have the choice between the black and white or textured floor plan to be displayed in the 3D tour.

Having a floor plan and UiMeet3D adds value to your 3D tour. In order to join another avatar, you only have to open the mini-map and click on is avatar. You will then be moved to his location. It becomes easy to follow your visitors inside the environment and to know where they are in real-time.

Enhance your 3D Tour

Your tours are editable according to your needs. You can enhance a 360 image from your immersive 3D tour directly on our platform. You can also export the 360 image, enhance it yourself and re-upload it in the tour.

Immersive 3D tours Key features

No Monthly Fee

It’s simple. There is no monthly fee to run our 3D Tours on the web. You pay only for what you need. You can buy credits directly in your account at any time.

No Size Limit

If you need to promote or sell a stadium, our 3D tours are the right choice. There is technically no limit in the number of 360 images you can add to a tour.

Fast And Easy To Produce

3D tours are produced using a Ricoh Theta Z1 or any other 360 camera compatible with our App. Thus, compared to 3D capture devices using infrared light technologies to compute 3D point clouds, our 3D tours are quick and easy to shoot.

We recommend you to try our UI Capture App that eases the capture process.

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