Our Vision: Every Listing Deserves A 3D Tour

We won't stop until every listing
has a 3D digital twin.

So that after 15 years of R&D and hard work, scanning an entire home in less than 5 minutes and delivering a complete 3D tour, dollhouse view, interactive map, and detailed floor plan to your clients is now a reality and this at

1 cent
(per sqft)

Calling all techno-driven and passionate real estate photographers! At Urbanimmersive, our vision is crystal clear: every property deserves an immersive 3D tour. As the real estate photography business is transforming into a high-volume, technology-driven industry, the only way to achieve our vision is through operational excellence and cost-effective 3D technologies.

We have turned this vision into reality for our members by providing them with the most comprehensive business management solutions and cost-effective tools for feature-rich 3D tours.

Why Join the Urbanimmersive Network?

Cost-Effective Technologies

(If we don't offer it, you don't need it)

Gain access to our state-of-the-art fully integrated proprietary technologies and deliver exceptional added value at cost-effective rates.

3D Tours (with dollhouse)
Enriched Floor Plans
Feature Rich Tourbuzz Property Websites

Receive Jobs

Get New Clients - From Our National Online Ordering Marketplace
Invite new clients generated from our network's centralized ordering system to engage directly with you and help grow your own business. They are your clients, not ours.
We collaborate with over 20,000 real estate professionals and homeowners, offering a wide variety of job opportunities for our members
Our system automatically assigns jobs to our members based on their availability and proximity to the shoot location, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience when taking on new clients and projects.

Keep Your Name, Your Brand

We want you to keep your brand and name and just make them stronger with Urbanimmersive’s support
Benefit from the best of both worlds: keep your identity while benefiting from the visibility of a nationwide backed marketing

Have Access to Our Proprietary Technology

Get access to a complete ERP solution platform to manage your business from A to Z;
Take Advantage of SSO and IDX Integrations With a Growing Number of MLSs Thanks To Our Partnership With Corelogic
Benefit From Our State-Of-The-Art Online Ordering System With Instant Booking

A Network that is there to support you

Benefit from our technological expertise and experience to improve your business.
Access technological tools that were developed solely to make the life of a Real Estate Photographer easier
Unlock exclusive group discounts on 360 camera gear!
Get access to a pool of photographers to assist you when you are on vacation or unfortunate mishaps occur

Keep Your Autonomy

Keep your autonomy and your successful relationship with your customers as you will continue to run your business and manage your clients as before while having access to Urbanimmersive's resources.
In this era of consolidation, join the sole Network that will let you be you while benefiting from the advantages of being part of a Global company.

Join The Urbanimmersive Network Today!

Don't Delay. Your Clients Will Love It
Are you a Tourbuzz client? Enjoy a quick and VIP onboarding experience within our network.

If you would like to join the Network or learn more about this opportunity, reach out to our development team at franchise@urbanimmersive.com


Are we required to use Urbanimmersive Business Management Solution to be listed on the Marketplace (invoicing, scheduling, etc...)?

Only Affiliate & Franchise Members are required to use our ERP. By requiring them to utilize our comprehensive Photographer Enterprise Resource Planning (PERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, we can provide large brands with a centralized ordering system that offers a consistent experience, including scheduling, invoicing, and payments. Guest and other Members can choose whether or not to use these systems.

Can unused free square footage processing be transferred to the following month?

No, unused free square footage processing cannot be carried over to the following month. This policy enables us to accurately forecast and manage our floor plan drawers team schedule, ensuring that we consistently deliver our services on time. Therefore, it is recommended to utilize your allocated square footage processing within the current month to make the most of the provided resources.

What happens if a new project requires both free and billed sqft processing to be delivered?

If one of your projects utilizes all of your remaining free square footage processing and requires additional square footage to be completed, only the portion above your free limit will be subject to charges in your platform fees. Let's illustrate this with an example:

Let's say you have a new project that requires 120 square feet of processing in total and you still have 100 sqft left. In this case, the first 100 square feet will be covered by your free allocation, and only the remaining 20 square feet will be charged at the applicable rate. Your platform fees will reflect the charges for the additional 20 square feet of processing required to complete the project.

Are there any upfront costs to become a member?

If photographers do not already have the necessary photography equipment, such as a DSLR camera, tripod, and Ricoh 360 camera, they will be required to acquire them.

When will I be charged for platform usage?

The fees are charged on a weekly basis.

What does the photo editing service provided by Urbanimmersive to members include?

Embedded seamlessly within our business solution comprehensive workflow, Urbanimmersive's photo-editing services stand out as some of the finest, offering remarkable flexibility, speed, and comprehensiveness in the market.

  • HDR 3 to 5 bracket merging
  • White balance correction
  • Exposure adjustment
  • Shadow and highlight adjustments
  • Contrast adjustment
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Saturation adjustment
  • Lens correction
  • Vignetting removal
  • Color cast reduction
  • Removal of camera and tripod reflections
  • Removal of sensor spots
  • Glare and reflection reduction
  • Blue sky replacement for exterior shots
  • Final sharpening
  • Straightening of horizontal and vertical lines
  • Noise reduction
  • Chromatic aberration removal

Additionally, our services include:

  • Enhancement of grass (without replacement)
  • Blurring of human faces, license plates, and real estate signs
  • Insertion of images into TV and computer screens
  • Insertion of fire in fireplaces
  • Virtual Staging
  • Twilight

Are we forced to use Urbanimmersive photo-editing services?

No. Only franchises members are required to use our photo-editing services. Our ERP includes all the features necessary to streamline the photo-editing process, ensuring a seamless workflow. This requirement not only guarantees a high standard of visual presentation but also contributes to an improved work-life balance for our franchisees, eliminating the need to work late nights enhancing images.

For whom is the Urbanimmersive solutions and network of photographers designed?

While the Urbanimmersive solutions and Marketplace of real estate photographer network is open to all entrepreneurs, it is primarily designed for existing real estate photography businesses looking to increase their margins, competitiveness, and market reach. We are actively seeking photographers who share our vision that every listing should have a 3D tour and a floor plan. By joining the Urbanimmersive network, these businesses can not only benefit from our technology, support, and established brand presence but also align themselves with a community of like-minded professionals dedicated to delivering immersive experiences in the real estate industry. Together, we can enhance their own success and revolutionize the way properties are showcased.

What about copyrights?

In response to the question about copyrights, our members are required to transfer the rights of use for digital images (excluding prints) to our clients, which includes real estate agents and extends to, but is not limited to, technological partners such as Corelogic, MLS' real estate portals, broker websites, and others. It's important to note that our members must agree that the copyright agreement with their clients (agents) excludes the rights to use images on prints without additional fees. Urbanimmersive takes the responsibility of negotiating agreements with MLS and our partners to ensure that all our members adhere to fair and honest copyright practices. By establishing clear and transparent copyright policies, we protect the interests of our members, clients, and partners, while fostering a reliable and trustworthy business environment.

How franchise territories protection work?

In response to the question about franchise territory protection, the process works as follows: There will be a maximum number of franchisees allowed to operate within a Territory, which is determined by taking the total population within a geographic zone defined by the Franchisor and dividing it by 100,000 per photographer. The population data is calculated based on sources that the Franchisor deems reliable to determine the population, such as the US Census Bureau in the U.S. or StatCanada in Canada. Territories are delineated within the ERP zoning feature, and a Territory may be defined with several Zones. This approach ensures that each franchisee has a protected area in which to operate, promoting a healthy balance of competition and minimizing the risk of market saturation. By providing each franchisee with a large, protected territory, we help facilitate the growth and success of their businesses.

Can we decide our photography services pricing?

Yes, members have the flexibility to determine the pricing for their photography services.

How many projects can I scan with a 10,000 sqft free processing limit?

The number of projects you can scan depends on the size of the homes you will be scanning. Here are a couple of scenarios to help you understand: 1. If each home has an average size of 1,000 sqft, you will be able to deliver up to 10 projects within the 10,000 sqft processing limit. 2. If you have two homes, each with a size of 5,000 sqft, you will only be able to scan two projects due to the larger floor area. Please note that the total square footage includes all floors, including basements. Exterior walkthroughs do not count towards the total square footage calculation. Please keep in mind that these are general examples and the actual number of projects you can scan may vary based on the specific square footage of each home.

Can I keep my website?

The number of projects you can scan depends on the size of the homes you will be scanning. Here are a couple of scenarios to help you understand: 1. If each home has an average size of 1,000 sqft, you will be able to deliver up to 10 projects within the 10,000 sqft processing limit. 2. If you have two homes, each with a size of 5,000 sqft, you will only be able to scan two projects due to the larger floor area. Please note that the total square footage includes all floors, including basements. Exterior walkthroughs do not count towards the total square footage calculation. Please keep in mind that these are general examples and the actual number of projects you can scan may vary based on the specific square footage of each home.

Can I operate a multi-photographer business on Urbanimmersive Business Management Solution?

Yes, you can definitely operate a multi-photographer business as an Urbanimmersive member. In fact, our largest member business, HomeVisit, operates with a team of 260 photographers. Urbanimmersive provides all the necessary tools and features to efficiently manage a multi-photographer business, including scheduling, route optimization, travel fee reimbursement, payroll, and more. This allows you to focus on growing your business while ensuring a seamless experience for your clients.

What if I change my mind once a member?

We want to assure you that you are not bound to our platform against your will. Should you choose to discontinue your membership, please note that unlike some of our competitors, who may deactivate your tours upon departure, we are committed to maintaining the visibility and accessibility of your 3D tours until they have completed their full 12-month consecutive hosting period.

What are the integration members benefiting from Urbanimmersive partnership with Corelogic?

Franchisees benefit significantly from the integration resulting from Urbanimmersive's partnership with Corelogic. These benefits include:

How many months do you keep hosted the 3D tours of my clients?

Urbanimmersive keeps your clients' 3D tours hosted for a period of 12 months from the date of creation. After 12 months, the 3D tours will be archived and can be reactivated upon request, subject to additional fees. This hosting period ensures that your clients have ample time to utilize their 3D tours for marketing purposes while maintaining an efficient storage system for our servers.
For clients on the Prime subscription, all their 3D tours will remain hosted as long as they maintain their Prime membership. Additionally, if clients prefer to host their 3D tours on their own servers, they can easily do so by following the provided instructions. This flexibility allows clients to choose the hosting solution that best suits their needs.

What kind of training and support will I receive as a franchisee?

As an Urbanimmersive franchisee, you will receive comprehensive training and support to help you succeed. This includes initial training on our technology and best practices, as well as ongoing support through webinars, documentation, and a dedicated franchise support team. We also provide marketing materials and guidance to help you promote your business effectively.

Is there a minimum performance requirement to maintain the franchise agreement?

While we expect franchisees to strive for success and maintain a high level of professionalism, we do not impose strict minimum performance requirements. However, we do monitor franchisees' performance and provide support to help them reach their full potential.

Are there any ongoing fees associated with the franchise, such as marketing or technology fees?

Aside from the 3% royalty fee, there are no additional mandatory ongoing fees. However, franchisees are responsible amongst other things for their own marketing expenses, accounting, payroll, customer support and sales expenses and may choose to invest in additional tools or services to enhance their business.

Can I operate my franchise from home or do I need a physical office space?

Urbanimmersive franchises can be operated from home, as long as you have the necessary equipment and a dedicated workspace. There is no requirement for a physical office space, allowing you to keep overhead costs low.

What is the process for becoming an Urbanimmersive franchisee, and how long does it typically take?

The process starts with submitting an application and discussing your interest with our franchise team. After a thorough review of your application and background, we will provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and discuss available territories. If both parties agree to proceed, you will sign the franchise agreement, complete the initial training, and begin setting up your business. The entire process typically takes between 2 to 6 weeks, depending on various factors.

Can I expand my franchise to multiple territories in the future?

Yes, you can expand your franchise to multiple territories, subject to availability and approval by Urbanimmersive. This allows you to grow your business and capitalize on opportunities in other markets.

What differentiates Urbanimmersive from other real estate photography franchises?

Urbanimmersive sets itself apart through its innovative technology, comprehensive services, and a commitment to helping franchisees succeed. Our state-of-the-art 3D tours, floor plans, and property websites, combined with our professional photo-editing services and ongoing support, provide franchisees with a competitive edge in the market.

Thank you for taking the time to explore the exciting opportunity of becoming an Urbanimmersive tech-powered real estate photographer network member. We are committed to helping our members succeed and thrive in the competitive real estate photography industry. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss the possibility of joining our growing network, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is always available to provide the information and support you need to make an informed decision. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can work together to achieve success. Contact us today to take the first step toward your bright future as an Urbanimmersive network member!