12th June 2023
3 Reasons Why New Real Estate Agents Need to Work with Professional Real Estate Photographers

As all new real estate agents very quickly find out, it’s super important to start your career and establish yourself in the industry as quickly and effectively as possible. Being new to the industry is no excuse if new agents are going to win the trust of clients, establish themselves as tru[...]

6th June 2023
Reasons Why More Photographers Should Consider Charging Cancellation Fees

The real estate industry moves at a speed that doesn’t allow us to take a break. Between photo shoots, post-production work, and management tasks, real estate photographers find out fast that time is money, literally. To make sure that time and money are not wasted, many photographers charge [...]

30th March 2023
4 Ways For Real Estate Photographers To Increase Their Revenue

It's common for real estate photographers to feel as though their earning potential is strictly limited to how many listing photoshoots they can book a month, and what they can charge to remain competitive. Often, many of the tasks involved with the post-production of these shoots, working around ch[...]

26th February 2023
The Real Estate Photographer’s Guide To Getting Great Reviews

We have entered the era of social proof.  Whereas people used to choose the businesses they wanted to work with based on word of mouth from people they knew, they now turn to anyone and everyone with an opinion via online reviews. Of course, online reviews are largely beneficial to the consume[...]

13th December 2022
6 Savvy Marketing Tips For Real Estate Photographers

Are you struggling to get the word out about your talents as a real estate photographer? Would you like to learn simple and easy ways to help more real estate agents and sellers find you online? Do you need help to set yourself apart from other real estate photographers in a way that makes people [...]

25th October 2021
UI Capture eases the creation of Immersive 3D Tours

Elevating 3D Tours with the Enhanced UiCapture App Our updated UiCapture App isn’t just about speed; it’s an all-encompassing solution designed to augment the quality and efficiency of creating immersive 3D tours, specifically optimized for users of the Ricoh Theta Z1. Enhanced Feature[...]

25th October 2021
Urbanimmersive’s 3D Tour: A One-Stop Solution with Integrated Floor Plan Tool

Urbanimmersive’s 3D tours are redefining real estate photography by combining immersive visual experiences with an efficient, user-friendly floor plan creation tool. This integration ensures real estate professionals and photographers present accurate, engaging, and comprehensive visuals to po[...]

25th October 2021
Floor Plan measurement tool

Our floor plans include an easy-to-use integrated and precise (cm and/or inches) measurement tool to easily take any measurements required [...]

12th April 2021
Urbanimmersive to present its 3D tour avatars (UiMeet3D) at a prominent industry tech forum

Article published on  Who would have thought incorporating 3D avatars within 3D tours would get so much attention from the real estate industry? Since the soft launch of UiMeet3D by Urbanimmersive earlier this year, all metrics indicate that avatars could indeed become the next big t[...]

3rd March 2021

Here is the complete episode of ''Capture the World with Dee & Urbanimmersive'' where Dee Johnson as interviewed Jeremy Bowman, our VP Sales at Urbanimmersive.   [...]



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