14th December 2023
Exploring America's Living Spaces: A Comparative Look at Home Sizes Across the States and Cities

As we analyze the floor plan data, it's fascinating to compile national average square footage reports. The variations mirror the diversity of the nation itself. In states like Utah and Colorado, average home sizes are notably larger. Utah, leading the way, boasts an impressive average of 5,806 squa[...]

12th December 2023
Urbanimmersive is featured in a RENXHomes article.

Urbanimmersive is featured in a RENXHomes article, highlighting its innovative 3D Video Fusion technology. This technology is transforming the real estate industry by enhancing virtual property tours with unparalleled interactivity. It offers a novel and immersive experience for viewing properties, [...]

7th December 2023
Revolutionizing Real Estate Photography: Urbanimmersive's Role in Shaping the Future of Visual Content

In today's fast-evolving real estate market, visual content is not just a necessity but the cornerstone of the industry. The residential real estate market, one of the largest sectors of the US economy, valued at an estimated $33 billion, relies heavily on visual presentations. This has been highlig[...]

6th December 2023
Maximizing Efficiency in Building Management with Urbanimmersive Detailed Floor Plan Scan Reports

In the fast-paced world of building management and interior design, precision is key. The latest small 360 cameras and Urbanimmersive 3D Video Fusion technology have revolutionized the creation of accurate floor plans for small and large spaces, making it both simpler and more efficient. These tech[...]

29th November 2023
Maximizing Efficiency in Photography with Route Optimization and a Fully Integrated Platform

In the fast-paced world of real estate photography, efficiency is key. This is where our route traffic optimization and auto-scheduling feature come into play, revolutionizing the way photographers manage their workflow. By leveraging this innovative technology, photographers can now handle up to s[...]

20th November 2023
What is the Problem with 3D Digital Twins Applied to Real Estate Marketing and Why Do We Think We Solve It?

Introduction: The growth of 3D tours in real estate marketing has leveled off. Matterport's stock performance, with a significant portion of their revenue still tied to the real estate sector, mirrors this trend. Despite resources and advertising efforts, Matterport faced a net loss in 2023, with m[...]

16th November 2023
The Shifting Landscape of Real Estate Photography: Embracing Quality Over Quantity

Introduction: The real estate market has always been dynamic, evolving with the times and technology. A particularly intriguing aspect of this evolution has been the changing trends in real estate photography. Since 2006, we've witnessed a consistent rise in the number of photos per listing. However[...]

14th November 2023
The Growing Trend: Combining 3D Tours with Floor Plans for Enhanced Real Estate Listings

Introduction: A noteworthy shift has occurred in the real estate visualization industry, especially in the preferences of agents and clients. In October, the rate of orders for combined 3D tours and floor plans reached a significant 25.7%, marking a considerable increase from the 21.3% average obser[...]

1st November 2023
What is 3D Video Fusion?

3D Video Fusion is essentially a fusion of 360-degree videos with advanced 3D navigation capabilities. This technology allows viewers to explore 360-degree videos in the same interactive manner they would with standard 3D digital twins. Instead of relying on a video timeline to locate specific scene[...]

13th August 2023
How Real Estate Photographers Can Stretch Their Marketing Budget Further

As you build your real estate photography business, it pays to be strategic with your marketing budget. Of course, you already know that you have to spend money to make money but not all marketing methods are created equally. You need to know how to measure one strategy against another for the pote[...]



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