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Architectural Floor Plan Modeler

Urbanimmersive offers to his customers 3D virtual tour technology that enables the creation of floor plans for real estate marketing purposes. 3D tours are produced by real estate photographers and Urbanimmersive offers post-production services for the floor plans.

Your job will be to draw the floor plans from 3D virtual tours using Urbanimmersive's proprietary software and techniques. You will need to correct the automatic positioning of certain 360 images to ensure that those images are positioned correctly in the 3D environment of the property. You will need to draw the floor lines to scale, correctly identify architectural elements such as windows and doors, identify rooms, and ensure the accuracy of the floor plan and the 3D user experience of the virtual tour before its delivery.

You will have the chance to work from home, visit all kinds of properties from all over the world in addition to the possibility of earning an interesting salary. That is a perfect student job!

The video below briefly presents how you will be able to model the floor plans from the 360 ​​images of the 3D tours.

Compensation is per project and based on the goal for the floor plans modeler to earn $15.00/hour. The most experienced and efficient modelers can earn up to $22.00/hour.
You decide your schedule. You can take projects during day time, evenings, weekends, in short… you are completely free. However, when you take on a project, you will have to deliver it on time.
You will be considered a full-fledged Urbanimmersive employee. You will therefore be entitled to our group insurance (after 3 months and subject to minimum 20 hours per week) and paid vacation (calculated on your earned income)


Good French written and spoken. Written English (spoken an asset)
Studying or having experience with architectural techniques and/or 3D drawing is an important asset;
Being able to deal with a 3D environment, being skilled with 3D (like video games) is an asset. Some projects could become real 3D puzzles !!


Have a computer with a powerful graphic card (MacBook Pro works very well)
Have internet access

Selection process

We want to make sure you are made for the job. If you are selected, you will need to attend a short 30 minute training webinar. With this basic knowledge, you will have to produce, as best as you can, a mini project (which we will provide to you). Depending on the outcome, you will be able to join the team and benefit from full and paid training.
According to the training, you will have to progressively graduate the levels to be able to make increasingly complex and profitable projects. You will begin as a Novice and carry out only very simple projects. Depending on your skill, you could move to the Apprentice level and have access to larger projects, then to the full Production mode and perhaps to become a Master, which will allow you to earn additional income by approving the floor plans of the lower levels.

Please send your application to Simon Bédard by e-mail to the following address:

Social Life

We're not just working hard, we play hard! At Urbanimmersive, we like our team spirit!

And much more! It's up to you to find out! Take the leap, join our growing team!

Please send your application to Simon Bédard by e-mail to the following address:

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