Immersive 3D Tours and Floor Plans

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Make a 3D of Your World

Creating a 3D tour has never been easier with Urbanimmersive’s technology. Our Immersive 3D Tours are becoming the new way of visiting an environment without physically being there.

Urbanimmersive’s 3D tours are much more than 3D environments. When combined with our other features, visitors in the 3D tour have a completely immersive and interactive experience.

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Are you a professional real estate photographer?

Take the time to learn more about our complete solutions specifically designed for real estate photographers

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What's New?


In addition to our immersive 3D tours, we now offer a new virtual experience with our Dollhouses. They introduce a different perspective and a more in-depth look of the property. Our Dollhouse is fully integrated into our 3D tours and allows interaction in the 3D environment so that visitors can more clearly perceive the house’s dimensions.

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Follow these easy steps in order to create a 3D tour

1. Get your Camera

Multiple 360 cameras available. Check compatibility with the UI Capture App

2. Sign Up

Sign Up and open an Urbanimmersive account

3. Download the App

Download the UI Capture App on any mobile device

4. Create your Environment

Start to capture your environment

Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, our platform offers you solutions tailored to your needs in 3D

Immersive 3D Tour

You can now take advantage of the most complete and cost-effective immersive 3D tour solution on the market! Our 3D Tours are immersive virtual tours emulating real 3D environments using spherical images. Those images are captured by 360 cameras.

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UiMeet3D changes how people visit 3D tours. They can now remotely visit digitalized places with friends and clients. Using cutting-edge 3D and video conference technologies, our solution enables people to walk through a place and visually interact with other visitors from the convenience of their phones and PCs.

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There are endless possibilities of what you can do with UiTags, the only limit is your imagination. You can embed information about the premises, room measurements, items for sale, video marketing, and many more features.

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Floor Plan

Our floor plans are created from your 3D tour. There are easy to create and fully editable.

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Whatever your area of expertise, Urbanimmersive is here to add value to all of your specific environments.

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"Because of UiMeet3D, one of my clients landed a notable listing. She was able to bring something to the table that no other agent could offer."

Kevin J. Wohlers - NY, USA



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