Take your 3D Tours to the next level

UiTags are hotspots you can place in the environment of your 3D tours.

Upgrade your tours by using the UiTags that suit you best. There are endless possibilities of what you can do with UiTags, the only limit is your imagination.

Information about the house, room measurements, items for sale, video marketing, and many more features can be integrated with a UiTags!

Example of what you can do with UiTags

Rooms measurements

If you have a floor plan in your 3D Tour you can automatically display room measurements directly on the floor! No need to view the spec sheet, everything is shown right before your eyes.

The measurements can also follow the orientation of the viewer. See our 3D Tour Demo below.

3D Tour Demo Floor Plan

Informational Tooltips

You can display relevant information about the house like the type of finish in the kitchen, the ceiling height, every extra, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently receiving the same question? Answer them directly on your tours with UiTags!

Items For Sale

Your client has some items they need to sell or they are inclined to depart with it, you can showcase every item for sale!

Link to Online Store

Some furniture fits perfectly in the house but your client wants to keep them. Display where to purchase the same item directly on your tour!

Embedded Videos

You can advertise any videos directly on the wall of the house, on the t.v screen, or anywhere else you want. Maybe you could take this opportunity to showcase a branded video of an introduction about the seller?

Real Estate Video

Embedded Web Page

Display a page of your/or any other Website directly on the tour. Your client will be able to navigate on the Website without the need to exit the visit.

And Much More...

These are only a couple of way to make use of UiTags but they are many more options for you to explore. You can place text, animated images, actions, etc.

How to use UiTags

Your content

Create the type of content you need between Image, Text, Video, or Iframe. You will be offered a pre-selection of icons but you can also upload your own pictures or animated images.

Text Content

If you choose the text content, you will be able to customize everything yourself (text color, shadow color, alignment, text size, and shadow options).


You have a lot of parameters to edit your UiTags. You can control the size, the position, the rotation, and the opacity.


You can add interaction to your UiTag. You can choose between Goto View, Open Link, Show Dialog, Show Tooltip, and None.

Goto View: Navigate to a view on click

Open Link: Open a link in a new tab on click

Show dialog: Advertise a message on click

Show Tooltip: Advertise a message on mouse over

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